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Printable Lunch Notes: Cute Critters

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These printable lunch notes with cute critters are a super fun and easy way to give your child a midday self-esteem boost. Sneak one into your child’s lunch box, homework folder, or anywhere else you know they’ll happen upon it during their day as a cheerful surprise.

Cute critter printable lunch notes

About Printable Lunch Notes

As parents we have a profound impact on our children’s perceptions of themselves and the world around them. What we say and do influences their attitudes and behaviors.

Since we can’t follow them around all day, hiding cheerful printable lunch notes in their lunch boxes or backpacks is one way to send them happy thoughts when they are away from us.

This can be as easy as writing a message on a napkin or on a sticky note that you stick to the inside of their lunch box. I’ve also written messages on index cards and stuck them inside the book my child is reading somewhere past the page where their bookmark is.

Every once in awhile, I like to add a little pizzazz to my surprise notes. Sometimes that involves adding a sticker or attaching a piece of candy. Sometimes it’s as simple as printing a fun note with a cute design.

Today I’m sharing these cute critter printable lunch notes so you can surprise your child with these cheerful greetings too!

Cute Critter Printable Lunch Notes

These printable lunch notes feature cute critters with cheerful messages and jokes kids will get a kick out of. It won’t “bug” your kids to find these in their lunch box! Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

cute critter printable lunch notes

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Printable FAQs

How do I access the printable?

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Where can I find my file after I download it?

The most likely place will be in your computer’s Downloads folder. You can also select “Downloads” in your browser menu to see a list of your downloads, then simply select “Show in folder” below the file name to see where it is stored on your computer.

How do I print a PDF?

You’ll need a program that supports PDFS, like Adobe Acrobat (which is free). Open the program, click File > Print. Select your printer and set the number of copies you want to print. Double check your print preview, then click print.

More Printable Lunch Notes

If creepy crawlies aren’t your (or your child’s) thing, you might prefer one of these other designs.

colorful printable lunch notes

Colorful Printable Lunch Notes

printable kids lunch notes with title text reading Acts of Kindness Kids Can Do in the Classroom

Random Acts of Kindness Lunchbox Notes

More Printables for Kids

If you like these printable lunch notes, you might also like my coupons for kids. I’ve used them as rewards for good behavior, bribes for car trips, and as special surprises.

I’ve also created variations for several holidays including:

I also create printables to help kids be more independent. This What to Pack for Lunch printable has enabled my kids to make healthy lunch choices on their own.

what to pack for lunch printable

Likewise, this printable daily routine helps them stay on task without my constant yelling monitoring.

printable daily routine chart for kids

I hope these printables bring some joy and peace to your home. Looking for a printable that isn’t shown above? Let me know in the comments and I’ll try to create it and share!

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