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Easter Trivia Game

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This Easter Trivia Game is a fun activity for everyone in the family! Included are questions that may stump the adults and you just might be surprised at what the kids know.

printables that are included in the Easter Trivia and Riddles Game

Equipment Needed

To make the game, you’ll need a few supplies. Here’s what you’ll need:

Inside the free printable Easter Trivia Game Kit you’ll find:

  • 1 printable Easter egg board (print a copy for each player)
  • 4 printable Easter egg stick cards (one for each player)
  • 30 Easter trivia question and answer cards
  • 18 printable consequence cards
  • Rules of the game / instruction sheet

How to Play the Easter Trivia Game

The first time you play the game, there are a few things you’ll need to do to prepare the game.

Set Up

First, print the Easter Trivia Game Kit on cardstock. Print multiple copies of the last page (the game board) — one for each player.

Cut out the game cards and glue (or tape) foil-wrapped chocolate eggs onto the designated spaces on each board.

printable Easter egg board

If you have more than 4 players, print out an extra copy of the Easter egg stick cards. Tape each Easter egg stick card to a popsicle stick.

Printable Easter egg stick cards

Cut out the trivia cards and place them in a paper bag.

printable trivia cards

Cut out the consequence cards and place them in the other paper bag.

printable consequence cards

Choose one person to be the game master. This person will read the trivia questions.

The game master then gives every other player a game board and egg stick.

Game Play

To play, the game master draws a random card from the trivia bag and reads the question to the players.

Every player who thinks they know the correct answer raises their egg stick as quickly as they can. The first person to raise their egg stick gets to answer the question.

If the player provides the right answer, they get to remove a chocolate egg from their game board. If the player guesses the wrong answer, they must select a card from the consequence bag and perform the task.

The game master draws another trivia question and the game continues in the same way until one player wins by clearing all the chocolate eggs from their board.

easter eggs in a white basket with moving text and printables for the Easter egg trivia game

Game Variations

The best thing about printable games like these are that you can make them your own! Introduce new rules, objectives, and prizes to create a game unique to your family.

Here are some ideas to help you adapt the game into a version that works for your family:


Rather than pitting each person against one another, form teams! Kids vs. parents, boys vs. girls, brown eyes vs. blue eyes, wearing blue vs. not wearing blue — divide up however you choose!

Don’t feel limited to two teams either. If you have a large group, consider pairing off into multiple teams.

New Objective

Want to speed up the game? Have all players use a single board.

When the board is empty, the game ends. The player with the most chocolate eggs wins.

Alternate Game Markers

The game board was designed with chocolate eggs in mind but you could skip the step of attaching eggs to the game boards if you use stickers instead.

Give each player a sheet of Easter egg stickers and as they answer questions correctly, they can place a sticker over one of the spaces on the game board. First person to cover all the spaces on their board wins.

How to Get the Easter Trivia Game Kit

The Easter Trivia Game Kit is a PDF file that you can download and print over and over.

Fill in the form below to get access to your copy of the Easter Trivia Game Kit.

printables for the Easter trivia and riddles game with a basekt full of colored eggs in the background


How do I access the printable?

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Where can I find my file after I download it?

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How do I print a PDF?

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