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Free Printable Earth Day Bingo Set

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Earth Day Bingo is the perfect activity for having fun and learning more about Earth Day. This free printable bingo set will make it easy to talk about Earth Day with your kids.

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I assume that most people are familiar with Earth Day, but you may not know a lot about it.

Earth Day started all the way back in 1970 and has become an important national day ever since. The concept for Earth Day was born after U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson witnessed the tragedy of the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. He wanted to bring attention to the issue of pollution.

The first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 had 20 million Americans participate in rallies, parades and gatherings. Now Earth Day is a global event and it is believed around 1 billions people around the world take civic action each year on Earth Day.

The point of Earth Day is to take action to protect out planet. It is amazing to see the change that can happen when LOTS of people unite with a common goal to better the earth.


Let’s face it, kids want to play and do their own thing. They may not be focused on the environment and how little things we do make an impact in good or bad ways.

Most children don’t learn very well from lectures. If I sit my kids down on the couch and start “talking” to them about how we can be more green and be more environmentally friendly they are going to get bored pretty quick.

If we do a fun activity and talk while we have play they are much more receptive to hearing what I have to say. They will also absorb that information quicker!

I can play Earth Day Bingo with my kids and while we play we talk about the environment and what we can do as a family to make a change for good!

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There are endless topics for discussion when it comes to Earth Day. You can learn all about the Earth Day initiatives over at EarthDay.org.

Here are some discussion ideas to talk about while you play Earth Day Bingo:

  • Recycling:  what does our family recycle and how can we improve
  • Endangered Animals:  how do they become endangered, what can we do to help
  • Conservation: different types of conservation and why it is important
  • Bottled Water: why using reusable water bottles is important
  • Ways Kids Can Make a Difference: share about ways kids can make a difference in our environment today


There are four different Earth Day Bingo cards. Print these off on white cardstock so that they last longer.

Reusing these bingo cards is a simple way to be green. I laminate my Earth Day Bingo cards so we can get them out and play with them over and over again!

This bingo game is played with pictures instead of numbers. Print off one extra card and cut out all the pictures to use as your key.

Draw one picture out for each play and players will mark that picture off of their card. You can mark the pictures off with a pencil, dry erase marker or just place a small item like a penny on top for a marker.

The game can be played by getting traditional bingos or you can get creative!


I have a set of free printable Earth Day Bingo cards for your to download and print off.

Just fill in the form below to download the Earth Day Bingo Cards.

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free printable Earth Day Bingo cards on a green background

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