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Best Gifts for Germaphobes

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If you happen to love a germaphobe, first let me extend you my deepest sympathy. Having grown up afraid of germs, I never considered that it was a burden on others, but rather a quirk of mine that warranted occasional ribbing.

Little did I know that despite my aversion to germs, I was far from a true germaphobe. As evidence of a cosmic sense of humor, I bore a daughter who adopted my fear of microscopic dangers and took that fear to a new level.

Every day she finds a new way to offend me by implying that something I have touched is now tainted with filth. Germaphobes have a way of making those around them feel like cesspools of bacteria.

Somehow, many of us can look past this and we still find plenty of reasons to love our germaphobes. To help you bring a smile to your favorite bacteria-fearing friend or family member, I’ve put together a list of the best gifts for germaphobes (drawing from my daughter’s wish list).

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Best Gifts for Germaphobes

Germaphobes are in a constant battle against unseen bacteria. That’s why any device that helps them combat these little critters not only gives them peace of mind, but also makes them very happy. To sanitize their surroundings, some essential tools are an air purifier, a handheld steam cleaner, and a UV sanitizing wandhand held steam cleaner 
Of course, the biggest danger to a germaphobe is leaving home. A toothbrush sanitizer is a must, especially during travel.

And while hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes are an obvious stocking stuffer choice for germaphobes, you can go beyond the ordinary with EZ Towel tablets (each towel is the size of a pill so it’s easier to carry more with you) and Happy Cheeks toilet seat sanitizer (this is especially great for germaphobic moms whose little ones need to sit when using public toilets).
a bag of EZ towel tabletshappy cheeks toilet seat cleaner
The office is a big danger zone for germaphobes with so many surfaces that are touched daily lurking about. The HomeDoReMi keyboard cleaner makes a terrific stocking stuffer, as does Monster Screen Clean. Or you can buy them both and make a gift package for a co-worker.
4 packs of super clean keyboard cleaner next to a hand using it to clean a keyboardbottle of monster screen clean on a blue cloth
When my daughter started cooking, she hated using my wood cutting boards. So, we bought a new set of Microban cutting boards to help allay her fears of bacteria.
three Microban Antimicrobial Protection cutting boards
Another thing most germaphobes bristle about that many of the rest of us don’t think about are the amount of germs that we pick up on the bottom of our shoes. This antimicrobail doormat should help ease some of your favorite germaphobe’s fears.
black antimicrobial doormat
Last, but definitely not least, the mother of all germ-infested areas — the bathroom! Some of my beloved germaphobes favorite products to cut down on germs in the bathroom are motion-detecting light switches and disposable towels.
motion sensor light switch

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