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Best Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

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I’m spoiled and I know it. Though my husband and I have experienced financial struggles, just like everyone else, for the most part I don’t worry about having enough money to pay the mortgage, buy food, or keep the electricity on. Beyond that, if there is something that I really feel I need, I can usually scrape enough together to buy it.

So, when my birthday rolls around and my loved ones ask what presents I’d like to receive, I don’t have a wishlist of items for them to hunt down in stores. When it comes to material goods, I am the person who has everything (that I need). Still, there are many gifts I pine for and am thrilled to receive, which is how I was able to pull together this guide of the best gifts for the person who has everything.

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Best Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

In general, the best gifts for people who don’t need or want material items are things that make them feel valued or appreciated. Don’t we all want to make a difference in the world?

That’s why gifts that show our genuine appreciation or our heartfelt affection are so meaningful. For the most part, these gifts are handmade. Some of my favorites that I’ve received are:

  • Handwritten notes
  • A video made by my family spoofing our everyday life and personality quirks
  • A song written and performed by my kids
  • A copy of my wedding invitation framed with a needlepoint made by one of my sisters-in-law
  • A knitted scarf (with pockets!) made by a friend
  • Salted caramel shortbread bars made by a neighbor

If you are crafty, this is the perfect friend to share your skills with. Likewise, if you are a good cook. Even if you don’t consider yourself “skilled” even a sincere note or card can bring tears of joy to the eyes of a friend or loved one.

Another thing almost anyone appreciates, especially those of us who have been around long enough to have accumulated all the “stuff” we need, is the gift of memories. For my most recent birthday, my best friend had a photo book made of pictures from our trip to Germany.

It was so fun to relive the trip looking through it with her. Even better, anytime I am pining for a vacation, I can immediately transport myself via the photo book. Similar gifts that I have received and have enjoyed just as much are:

  • A framed group photo from “Girls Weekend” with a group of my friends
  • A collage of photos and words associated with our time together from my high school best friend
  • A scrapbook of photos of each of the volunteers I worked with, accompanied by a personal note from each one
  • A cookbook filled with my mother-in-law’s treasured family recipes
  • A family calendar full of photos from the previous year

Just as welcome as gifts that bring back memories are gifts that help create new memories. For example, one year in lieu of buying presents, we went on a family vacation to Disney World.

To be memorable, events or experiences don’t have to be that extravagant (or that expensive). One of my fondest family memories is hiking to a waterfall and having a picnic lunch overlooking the view.

I am so thankful my husband planned that day for us and that everyone cleared their schedules to spend it together. Of course, you can also purchase once in a lifetime experiences. If Only is a great site to purchase experiences like:

  • Brunch prepared by a professional chef served in your home
  • Tickets to a Broadway show with a backstage tour by the lead actor
  • Fighter pilot training
  • A private styling session and studio tour with a designer

Finally, one-of-a-kind gifts are always a treat to receive. Depending on your budget, you can find one-of-kind gifts for as low as $5. For example, on Fiverr you can purchase “gigs” for just $5. Sample gigs are:

Photoshop version of selfie

  • I will draw a cartoon version of your selfie in Photoshop
  • I will make a Happy Birthday dog talking video
  • I will write a custom professional song for a birthday
  • I will produce your life story as an animated short film

For a little bit more, you can find a wide variety of one-of-a-kind gifts on Etsy.

If you have a generous budget, If Only is a great go-to in this category as well because they not only offer unique experiences, but unique items as well. For example, you can purchase:

  • An acoustic guitar signed by Willie Nelson
  • A design sketch from Oscar de la Renta
  • A collection of Alice Waters cookbooks with a bookmark signed by the legendary chef

In a nutshell, the easiest way to choose the perfect gift for someone who already has everything they need is to select gifts that express your feelings for them or that carry more value than their monetary worth (emotions, memories, individuality).

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