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11 Substitutes for Goat Cheese – Dairy And Non-Dairy Alternatives

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Say cheese! I love good goat cheese, but I understand that some people may need a substitute for goat cheese they can rely on. So whether you’re a foodie or just love experimenting in the kitchen, we’ve got some delicious swaps that might just steal the show!

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What Is Goat Cheese?

Given its name, you can probably tell what goat cheese is—it’s basically cheese made from goat’s milk. But did you know that other than the main ingredient, it has some properties that are distinct from cow’s milk? These include:

  • Softer texture: Goat cheeses have a softer texture compared to cheese made of cow’s milk, thanks to a lower casein content (the milk protein that hardens during curdling).
  • Tangy taste: Goat cheese contains more fat content compared to cow’s milk cheese. Due to having more caproic, caprylic, and capric fatty acids, it has a tangier flavor than other cheeses.
  • Softens when heated: Goat’s cheese doesn’t exactly melt. It becomes soft instead of fully melting.

Why Find a Goat Cheese Substitute?

Dairy Allergy, Sensitivity, and Lactose Intolerance

Some people may love goat cheese, but because of the adverse effects when they eat it, they prefer to avoid it. Those who cannot eat dairy, particularly people with a dairy allergy and sensitivity, may want to find a cheese alternative that lets them enjoy the flavor without the consequences.

Additionally, goat milk has almost similar lactose content as cow’s milk. So, people with lactose intolerance may also prefer a substitute to goat milk cheese. 

Taste and Dietary Preferences

The distinct flavor of some of the best goat cheese can be a hit or miss for many. This goes for both fresh and aged goat cheese. It’s possible that you may like cow cheese, but not like goat cheese. For this reason, you may want to find alternatives.

Various goat cheese on wooden plate, on a wooden table with Rosemary sprigs on the side.

Similarly, people who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, whether for health reasons or as a personal choice, don’t have to skip meals that call for goat cheese. Thanks to food technology, you can find more and more plant-based and non-dairy choices for cheese and other dairy products in grocery stores. 


Not everyone has access to goat’s cheese.  You may have run out of it, or your local grocery store doesn’t have it. But if you need it in a pinch, alternatives that provide a similar texture or flavor as goat’s cheese may work as well. 

11 Best Goat Cheese Substitutes

Dairy Substitutes

Feta Cheese

If you don’t have goat cheese at home but have feta on hand, you’re in luck: this crumbly cheese is arguably the best substitute for goat’s cheese around. It makes sense, since feta is partially made up of goat milk. You can even do the opposite and use goat milk as a feta alternative.

Cubes of feta cheese in a bowl on a wooden table.

Do note, however, that feta is slightly saltier than normal goat cheese, so it’s best to use less of it. Although it works well if you want to make salads or try out Greek dishes that call for goat’s cheese.

To substitute with feta cheese, add about 3/4 of the amount you’d use goat’s cheese.  You can always adjust to taste!

Cream Cheese

Another excellent alternative to goat cheese is cream cheese. It provides a smooth and creamy texture to your dish, and you can use it in dishes with these goat cheese properties. 

A bowl of cream cheese, a perfect substitute for goat cheese.

If you want to use cream cheese as an alternative, you can substitute it at a 1:1 ratio. Although, do note that cream cheese has a milder taste than goat cheese. Don’t fret, though- you can always add some Greek yogurt to add the missing tanginess from cream cheese!

On the plus side, cream cheese is easy to use. This creamy cheese is readily available in many grocery stores. Also, if you want fresh cheese, you can make cream cheese at home using an instant pot!

Ricotta Cheese

Thanks to its creaminess and mild taste, ricotta cheese also works as a delicious goat’s milk cheese substitute. Ricotta works best as a substitute in sauces and fillings because of its soft texture. It would be great to use with stuffed pasta dishes like ravioli or making dips and other sauces. 

Ricotta cheese in a bowl on a wooden table.

You can substitute goat cheese with ricotta cheese at a 1:1 ratio. Since ricotta is less salty, you can add a bit of salt, depending on your preference.


If you’re looking for an alternative to goat cheese that’s soft, creamy, and spreadable, Labneh is your go-to. It’s a creamy, soft cheese made from strained yogurt popular in Middle Eastern cuisine. It may have a milder flavor, but it also shares the same texture as goat’s cheese.

A bowl of Labneh with pita bread on a wooden cutting board, a delicious and creamy substitute for goat cheese.

You can use Labneh as a goat cheese alternative at a 1:1 ratio. It works best as a substitute for making dips, dressings, and spreads. Labneh works best in salads and pizza dishes that call for goat cheese.


One of the most popular cheeses around, parmesan cheese is also an incredible goat’s cheese substitute since it has a similar bold flavor. 

Parmesan, delicious substitute for goat cheese on a wooden cutting board.

If you need a salty and slightly nutty kick to your dish but don’t want to use goat cheese, parmesan is a good choice. As a flavoring agent, you will want to use 2/3 of the amount of parmesan as you would goat cheese.

Fromage Blanc

A French cheese that makes for a good goat’s cheese substitute is fromage blanc. It provides a creamy, soft texture, akin to cream cheese, but it has a flavor close to goat cheese.

A bowl of Fromage Blanc with a mint leaf, serving as a substitute for Goat Cheese.

While it does have similar flavor notes, fromage blanc isn’t as punchy as goat milk cheese. Substitute goat cheese with this if it’s not the focal point of the dish. Also, this French cheese has a higher fat content. Nevertheless, you can substitute goat cheese with Fromage blanc at a 1:1 ratio.

Fresh Blue Cheese

If you want an alternative with a crumbly texture, like goat’s cheese, why not try fresh blue cheese?

A substitute for goat cheese, a piece of blue cheese on a wooden board.

Fresh blue cheese has a similar, mild flavor to goat’s cheese, but it’s a bit saltier. As a substitute, it works best with savory dishes. Start with half the amount, and build from this until you reach the right saltiness. 

Camembert Cheese

While having a creamier consistency, camembert is one of the top goat’s cheese substitutes around. This cheese provides a tangy flavor similar to goat’s cheese.

Camembert Cheese with grapes on a wooden table.

If you want to use this great substitute, you should use young camembert, as aged varieties have stronger flavors that don’t taste close to goat’s cheese. 

Camembert works well when used as a substitute in spreads, dips, and as part of a charcuterie board. You can substitute it at a 1:1 ratio.

Non-Dairy and Vegan Substitutes


Tofu is a vegan’s and vegetarian’s best friend as it is versatile.  You can use it as an alternative for many dishes, including goat cheese. 

Tofu, a substitute for goat cheese, on a plate next to a bowl of soybeans.

You would want to get firm or medium-firm tofu as a goat cheese alternative. Despite being a fantastic substitute texture-wise, the same can’t be said flavor-wise.

But don’t fret, as this problem is easy to fix. You can substitute tofu for goat cheese at a 1:1 ratio and add nutritional yeast, salt, herbs, and spices to add flavor.

Vegan Goat’s Cheese 

Did you know that vegan goat cheese exists? Many online recipes help those who prefer a plant-based diet to make their own vegan goat’s cheese at home. Some popular recipes use cashews for this as they provide a texture close to goat’s cheese when blended and processed. 

You can use vegan goat cheese in place of dairy goat cheese at a 1:1 ratio.


A bowl of hummus, a perfect substitute for goat cheese, on a wooden table.

Another great substitute for goat cheese is hummus. This dip made from chickpeas provides the same creamy and tangy flavor that you would commonly get from goat’s cheese. You can use the same amount of hummus as you would goat cheese.

How to Find the Best Goat Cheese Replacement

The trick to finding the right goat cheese alternative is to know what its role is in the recipe. Here are some reminders.

  • If goat’s cheese is used for its texture, try to use alternatives that are similar in texture.
  • If you need crumbled goat cheese, the best alternatives are feta, blue cheese, and tofu.
  • You can try out cream cheese, labneh, and even hummus for a creamy, spreadable substitute.
  • If the goat’s cheese adds a slightly tangy flavor, find an alternative with a similar flavor profile. Labneh, camembert, and hummus are great choices. 


Is Goat Cheese Healthy?

Yes, goat cheese is healthy. It contains more nutrients than most cow’s milk cheeses. Some of the nutrients found in goat’s milk cheese include vitamins A, E, and K, riboflavin, and folate. 

What Is the Typical Shelf Life of Goat Cheese?

If you have well-packaged goat cheese, you can keep it in your fridge for around 3 months. It may only be good for 2 to 3 weeks if it’s unpacked. 

Are Feta and Goat Cheese the Same?

While they do share similarities in taste and texture, feta cheese and goat cheese are not the same. Feta is a highly regulated cheese when it comes to its production and it uses mainly sheep’s milk, blended with a bit of goat’s milk. On the other hand, goat’s cheese is predominantly made of only goat milk. 

Enjoying Delicious Dishes Without Goat Cheese

A plate with pita bread and a bowl of  lebanese cream cheese dip.

While goat cheese has a distinctly delicious flavor and texture, not everyone may have it, and not everyone may like it. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on incredibly decadent and tasty dishes that call for it. With substitutes for goat milk, you can try making amazing dips, salads, pasta dishes, and more, even without this ingredient.

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