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Reward Jar with Free Printable Rewards

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A while back, I shared my family’s Consequence Jar. It was one of my parenting go-to’s for discipline for minor infractions like forgetting to hang up a backpack or wipe off the table after dinner. It helped me avoid nagging my kids constantly and because I threw in some funny consequences, it kept it from being intimidating or from relieving me of all disciplinary action since some behavior requires specific and immediate consequences.

Recently, a very popular blogger shared my Consequence Jar on her Facebook page and it received a lot of comments. Some of the commenters had some great insights that caused me to revisit the idea. In particular, one person said that she much preferred the idea of a Reward Jar instead of one that doled out punishments. Upon reflection, I agreed so I decided to create one.

Reward Jar

Reward Jar for Kids with the words Good Job on the label

Free Printable Rewards

If you love this idea as much as I do, feel free to use my Printable Rewards. Just like the printable consequences I made for my Consequence Jar, I’ve included some suggestions along with a blank page so that you can create your own. It’s up to you what behaviors you deem worthy of a visit to the reward jar.

In my house, I like to “catch” my kids doing the right thing out of the goodness of their hearts, rather than in an effort to impress someone or earn something. So, if one of my kids gives up something they want in order for one of their siblings or their friends to have it, I send them to the reward jar. Likewise, if someone does an unassigned chore without seeking credit for it, when I determine who performed the task, he or she gets to choose a reward from the reward jar.

printable rewards for the Reward Jar

Depending on your parenting style, you could also reward a good grade on a test or project, doing chores without being reminded, doing extra chores, helping a sibling without being asked, or putting in extra practice time. If you decide to make and use the Reward Jar, please let me know in the comments what rewards you come up with and what behaviors you reward.

Reward Jar with the text Good Job on the label

Printable Kid Coupons

If you’re looking for more fun rewards, you might like my Printable Kid Coupons. My kids love getting their coupon books every year!

8 thoughts on “Reward Jar with Free Printable Rewards”

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  4. This is great! I am printing these now! I will use these rewards mainly for character traits/virtues I see in my kids- patience, kindness, helpful, obedience, attentive, gentle, honest, self-control, etc.

    • I LOVE how you are going to use them! What a great idea to reward virtues. I hope your family enjoys the reward jar. 🙂

  5. I’m definitely trying to work on positive reinforcements with my little one so this fits right in! Thaks for the suggestion – love this idea.

  6. Super cute idea!! Thanks for sharing- I will have to try this 🙂 PS. I found you on the “This is how you roll” link party 🙂

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m so happy to connect with you via This Is How We Roll. 🙂


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