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Consequence Jar with Free Printable Consequences

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Does anyone else get tired of constantly nagging their children to do their chores or abide by the simple household rules that have been in place for years?  I am a big fan of any discipline system that gets my kids to do what and behave how they are supposed to without me getting “emotional” (our polite term at home for when mommy becomes a ranting lunatic).

The Consequence Jar

In our house, this system is the Consequence Jar. It’s one of my favorite (and most popular) parenting tips.



Imagine my delight when I stumbled upon the “uh oh” jar on Pinterest. Unfortunately, the original link only led to a photo. I had to do some digging around (thank you Google) to find the original source to gather all the details. Sadly, that website is no longer active so you’ll have to settle for my version.

What Is A Consequence Jar?

Basically, it’s a jar of consequences for your children in the event they break a household rule.  No yelling, no idle threats, or a time out corner.  You simply have the child choose a slip of paper at random and whatever the paper says becomes their consequence.  You can throw in a couple of freebies so they enjoy getting away with something every once in a while.

Free Printable Consequences

For your convenience, I have created several consequences that you can print off and use.  I have also included two pages of blank ones so you can create your own.  Of course, you could also just cut a piece of paper into squares and save some ink, but if you are OCD like me, you will want the lines to cut along (see, I understand crazy).

Decorate Your Consequence Jar

Oh, and if you’re one of those super crafty and creative moms, you can go crazy decorating your jar.  It’s not my strong suit so I was limited to what I could do with stickers.  I thought the hearts would express to my children that even though they make mistakes and have to face consequences, I love them very much.  They got from the hearts, “I love to punish you.”

Check Out The Reward Jar For More Positive Reinforcement

Since my original writing of this post, I received some feedback from other parents who prefer positive reinforcement. I created a Reward Jar with free printable rewards in response to their comments.  Please continue to share your feedback and concerns so I can help, if I’m able.


21 thoughts on “Consequence Jar with Free Printable Consequences”

  1. Girl! I’ve been looking for ideas to put in my “You’re busted” jar. That’s how I came across your post here. I can absolutely share with you some of my awesome idea for punishment, as well as the “positive reinforcement” stuff. I’m prior military so I can get creative. Lol! I believe in physical exercise and muscle memory for the kids over double digits. They know right from wrong better than the young ones and understand why the consequence happened…. Sometimes. Lol! At least they pretend that they don’t know.

    Let me know if you want some new ideas for your jar sista! 😁👍

    • Haha! I love the name “You’re Busted” for the jar. And amen to exercise. I’d love to hear some of your ideas. If you have a lot to share, you’re welcome to write a whole post and I’ll list you as the author. 🙂

    • I’d love for some ideas my 6 year old son is ADHD and he’s bad and to the point I feel like I’ve tried EVERYTHING and not sure where to turn or what else to try. He was expelled from pre k. And just suspended from Kindergarten! So if y’all have any ideas please I’m open to anything!

  2. Hi!

    This sounds like a great idea! I like most of them except some of them I do consider as a “good” punishment! But thank you!!

  3. This would be interesting to see with consequences for a classroom! I think this would be a great alternative to reprimands within the classroom.

    • Interesting idea! I’m going to ask a couple of my teacher friends what they think about this and how it could be adapted for that purpose. If we come up with something, I’ll update the post. Thanks!

  4. I LOVE the jar ideas….putting them to use today 🙂

    Thank you so much!

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  8. Thank you a million times! It is hard to find actual examples of consequences. I appreciate your great examples! You also insert humor into it (“your name is ‘Bob’ for the rest of the day”), which I love and it’s a wonderful technique. Thanks!

    • Thank you Mary! I’m glad you found them helpful. Not everyone appreciates my humor so I’m always happy when someone gets me. 🙂 Even if you don’t like all of the consequences, hopefully they’ll give you some ideas for your own.

  9. I just ran across this on Pinterest! I’m adding a few fun things too; like walk backwards everywhere for the next 30 minutes, make a sock puppet, do the cha-cha slide, play hide and seek. Thanks!! 🙂

    • I love your ideas, especially the one to walk backwards everywhere for the next 30 minutes. Hilarious! Thanks for stopping by and sharing them! 🙂

    • Just be careful your not reinforcing negative behavior; ie:it becomes fun to misbehave so you can pick a slip of paper….then you get to play hide and seek. 🙂

      • True! Some of the consequences were a little too fun for my kids so they actually looked forward to getting to pull one from the jar.

        • You could always put the ones that they find to be fun in the rewards jar

  10. This is such a great idea. My kids are a little young for it but I definitely like this idea for when they are older.

  11. I found this on Pinterest, and love this idea!! My daughter just turned 3 and is constantly testing her boundaries. This is on my to-do list!

  12. As a parent educator, I can tell you that this is a wonderful parenting tool. I use something similar in my family.

  13. I think this is a great idea. Leave it to kids to think you are saying you love to punish them!


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