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Use This Free Kids Daily Routine Printable to Develop Good Habits

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During the school year, the family schedule is busy. School, sports, after school activities, and household chores eat up almost all of our time. During this time, more than ever, it’s important to establish healthy family habits. For my family, having a daily schedule to check works really well. Today I’m sharing my kids daily routine printable with you, along with some helpful tips.

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Why Do We Need a Daily Routine List?

As a parent, I spend a lot of my time complaining to my husband about how my kids can never remember to do the things I remind them EVERY SINGLE DAY to do. He’s had to listen to countless phone calls after the kids have left for school listening to me rant about the dirty dishes in the sink and crumbs on the counter even though I’ve reminded them to clean up after themselves hundreds of times.

Then I realized that I’m just as guilty of similar offenses. If I don’t keep my moisturizer beside my toothbrush, I forget to apply it at night after I brush my teeth. I have to keep my vitamins next to the coffee to remember to take them each day.

Visual reminders help us establish good habits. That’s why a printed daily routine helps.

What Should be on the Daily Routine List?

The short answer is – anything you want to ensure your kids do each day. Our daily routine includes a variety of tasks including chores, hygiene, and personal responsibility.

Our daily routine list is NOT a chore chart, even though it includes daily chores like cleaning up after breakfast and dinner. The chores in our daily routine are tasks that teach my kids to clean up after themselves. Other chores like dusting, vacuuming, and weeding are household responsibilities that we work on as a family.

As for personal hygiene, I wish my kids didn’t have to be reminded to brush their teeth and shower, but they seem to always “forget” unless they’re reminded.

In addition to chores and personal hygiene, I’ve added reminders for other daily tasks. There’s a reminder to take their vitamins to help fill any nutritional gaps in their diet and to support their overall health†. I also added reminders to make sure they have everything they need before they leave for school, and to make time to read and practice their musical instruments. These are all activities they like to do, but sometimes get busy or distracted and legitimately forget. Or, because our days fly by so quickly, sometimes they don’t remember if they’ve done them yet that day or not. The checklist helps them keep track.


Where Should I Keep the Daily Routine List?

Obviously, it’s your decision where to keep your kids’ daily routine. Since the kitchen is the place my family spend the most time in or walking through, ours is posted there (placed conveniently at my daughter’s eye level).


The list is supposed to serve as a visual reminder, so it’s important you post it somewhere it will be seen. If you like to keep your surfaces clear though, you could keep the list in a drawer and simply set it out each morning and evening in a place where the kids know to check it and mark it off.

Ours is laminated (you can also just slide it inside a page protector) so I can wipe it off each night and re-use it the next day. You could also print a new one each week if you prefer.

How Do I Get the Free Kids Daily Routine Printable?

Easy! Just fill in the form below the image to get a .pdf version of my printable.

printable daily routine chart for kids


How do I access the printable?

Fill in the form above. After you submit the form, you’ll receive an email from “Wondermom Wannabe” with a direct link to the printable library where you’ll find the link to the printable above as well as all of my other free printables. If you do not see the email in your inbox within a few minutes, check your spam folder.

Where can I find my file after I download it?

The most likely place will be in your computer’s Downloads folder. You can also select “Downloads” in your browser menu to see a list of your downloads, then simply select “Show in folder” below the file name to see where it is stored on your computer.

How do I print a PDF?

You’ll need a program that supports PDFS, like Adobe Acrobat (which is free). Open the program, click File > Print. Select your printer and set the number of copies you want to print. Double check your print preview, then click print.

Can I Customize the Kids Daily Routine Printable?

I was hoping you’d ask! Since I know all families are different, I wanted to make it easy for you to customize the daily routine printable for YOUR family’s needs. I’ve created an editable Word Doc for you. To purchase it, just click the “BUY NOW” button below.

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  1. Hi! I was looking for the “add to cart” button to purchase the editable version of this chart but I’m not seeing it anywhere… Could you possible link to it or send it to me to purchase somehow? I would love to use this with my girls and then maybe write a blog on it and feature you!

    • Thanks so much for asking! I changed my store over several months ago and missed changing the code in this post when I did it. I’ve updated the code so that the purchase option should be visible again. Just in case though, here is the direct link to the editable routine in my store – https://wondermom.shop/products/editable-daily-routine.

  2. What a great chart. I love that it is not a chore chart but more of a gentle reminder of things they need to do. I should probably print one off for myself!


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