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How to Start a Vegetable Garden From Scratch

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Have you always wanted to have a garden, but never quite knew where to start? Don’t’ fret, these simple tips on how to start a vegetable garden from scratch are exactly what you need!

When it comes to gardening, anyone has the ability to do it. All you need are just a few simple tips, a space to plant and grow and a bit of patience to see it all blossom and bloom!

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How to Start a Vegetable Garden From Scratch

If you’re looking for some super simple tips on how to grow a stellar garden, these tips can help you accomplish just that!

  • Understand that you’ll need to dedicate time every single day

While having a garden actually isn’t all that hard to have, it does require you to make a commitment to do some sort of work in your garden almost daily. Whether it’s watering or pulling weeds, your garden will need you to take charge and keep it healthy and active.

  • Choose a space that is level in your yard

Make certain that wherever you’re going to place your garden, it’s in a level spot in your yard. Don’t plant your garden at the bottom of a hill or you’ll have major issues and flooding problems when it rains. All that water will just run down the hill and sit there in your garden.

What that means for you is that you need to find an area that you won’t have to worry about rain runoff.

  • Understand that you don’t need a huge plot of land to garden

Many people fail to even start a garden because they feel that they don’t have a space big enough to begin with. This is wrong! You don’t need a massive space to start a garden.

The next time that you head to the store, take a look at their gardening center when you go. You’ll see all different sizes of raised garden beds and potting pots. What this tells you is that you can literally plant your garden in a small area, if you don’t have any other option.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to plant too many seeds in one small area. Make certain that you’re following the directions on the back of the seed pack about how far apart they should be spaced. Overcrowding your seeds will cause them to not grow properly and could make your garden fail to thrive.

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  • Talk to other gardeners and see what type of soil and fertilizer that they recommend

When it comes to planting your garden, you’re probably going to need to add “something” to the soil to help it out. This doesn’t necessarily mean a chemical or anything like that, but it does mean that you might have to add some fertilizer or something like that.

And if you’ve never had a garden before, you probably don’t have any clue about what you’re going to need to add. Don’t worry, there are always people that can help.

Talk to your friends and neighbors who have great gardens and see what they use. And if all else fails, go talk to the local greenhouse in your town. If you’re looking for information, there are always ways to get it!

  • Just dive in and make it happen

Just like anything in life, the longer that you sit and ponder it, the more likely it’s never going to happen. Make this year be the year of your garden.

Head to the local library in your town and check out reading material about how to start a garden. Read all the books you can and listen to all the various types of podcasts that are telling you how to start a garden from scratch.

Understanding that you have the capability to start it and make it happen is great. Giving yourself the power to make it happen is awesome.

The great news about starting a garden is that you can literally do it on a whim. Head to the store and get an above ground garden bed and fill it full of the soil and additives that you want. Once you have that part covered, all that’s going to be left is buying your seeds and getting them planted.

See?! How simple does that sound to do!?

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Don’t let the unknown hold you back. Starting a garden and growing your own vegetables is one of the most rewarding things that you can possibly do.

There’s nothing better than walking out your door and grabbing all the ingredients for your very own salad, Or make a batch of garden vegetable cream cheese to slather on your breakfast bagel!

Be proud of the fact that you’re wanting to start your very own vegetable garden. It just means that you’re taking an active interest in making and growing your own food!

Do you have any tips on how to start a vegetable garden from scratch?

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