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Fun Birthday Party Places for Kids of All Ages

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As parents, we all want our child’s birthday to be special. For some of us, having an in-home party would be our go-to, but with the rest of us, having a variety of options for birthday party facilities will save us the time of having to have decorations, clean up the mess that would be left, or having to feel the pressure of having to entertain a large group by ourselves.

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Whether you’re a new mom looking for some inspiration, or a seasoned mom of a teen, one thing is for sure- you’ll definitely get inspired! We have ideas for party venues for all ages, surely one of the ideas would be perfect for your kid. Read on below for birthday party places. Many of these venues include everything you need, invitations, cake, ice cream, activities such as face painting and you have special reservations for busy days such as Friday nights, Saturdays or Sundays.

Child’s Birthday Party Places for Kids Aged 5 and Under

 When you are party host for one of your children’s first birthday parties you can let the venue take the stress out of the preparation for you. Simply google venues close to your home.

Bounce Houses

Let the kids have great celebrations while wearing them out at the same time and bouncing around for a good hour or so. Most of the Bounce venues have child helpers that assist at the party and at several of the Bounce section, ensuring that the kids stay entertained. BounceU is a very popular venue, and there many locations around the U.S.

Gym Venues

There are gym-like venues that host birthday parties for kids – like My Gym, The Little Gym or the local YMCA. You would need to arrange for the paper products and food. However, the gym venues would usually assign helpers that assist the kids during the course of the party.

It’s a great way for the kids to have fun, while being active at the same time- they’ll enjoy playing games, doing an obstacle course and keeping themselves entertained with the kid-sized equipment.

Fire Station

There are many local fire stations that let kids have their birthday party there for a donation. The kids will get educated and learn what firefighters do, while getting the opportunity to play the part of a firefighter themselves. They will get the chance to sit in the fire truck, slide down the pole the firefighters use as well as try out a hose. Contact the local fire station and find out if they offer this type of option.

Swim Venues

There are many YMCAs, girls and boys clubs, and other local venues that have indoor swimming pools available to book out for party packages. These places usually also provide party helpers that will play games with the kids during their pool time.

Birthday Celebration Places for Kids Aged 5 to 10


Is your kid inquisitive? Then having their party at a local museum would be the right pick for Birthday party packages.

One of the places that you can opt for is the Berkshire Museum, which is located in Massachusetts. They offer packages that are based on the party guest of honor interests, like Kitchen Kaboom and Aquarium Adventures for an up close animal encounter.

Other museums like Discovery Museum in Connecticut have a focus on parties with a STEM-base, that includes experiments and exploring. You can get in touch with any local museum near you and hear what they have to offer. You will find that some of them even offer gifts or goody bags that are theme-appropriate.

Arts, crafts and ceramic studios

Do you have a budding artist on your hands? Then book your kids birthday party places at a studio that specializes in everything arts and crafts for your child’s special day.

You can get your kid’s party hosted at a place like Michael’s that offers arts and crafts parties. There are many local communities that have art schools or ceramic studios that you can book out for a birthday party- the kids can do activities like making little vases, painting plates and so on. The best part is that the kids can keep their creations!

Bowling alleys

Everyone loves a classic bowling game, so why not host your kid’s birthday party at a bowling alley? Let the kids enjoy knocking down the pins, some of them may even make a Strike!

Kids generally enjoy any bowling alley place, but for the younger kids, a mini-bowling alley would be the perfect choice! Finish off the day with some pizza, soda and cake!

Farms and Zoos

Here’s a great idea for kids that love animals, host their party at a local farm or local zoo for the party of their dreams. The kids will love to see their favorite animals and get the chance to feed and pet them. It would also be a learning experience for them as they will broaden their knowledge about animal behaviors and habitats.

Movie theaters

You can contact the local movie theater and find out the options of hosting a birthday party. It would depend on your guest count, you may even get the option to rent out a few rows in the theater, the whole theater or even get your own private small room.

If your local theater offers the private small room, they might also offer you having your own “party room”- the kids can get to play games and have refreshments such as cake before the start of the main event.

Birthday Party Places for Kids Aged 10 to 13

Indoor rock climbing venues

Do you have an active tween? Is your tween an adventure buff? Then throw them an indoor rock climbing party!

The tweens don’t need to be experienced in rock climbing, some of the venues actually offer party options with extra activities like small caves, slides and eco-themed games.

Chocolate shops

Who would say no to chocolate? Most local chocolate shops host birthday parties for children that are a bit older.

This would be a fun and educational party to have, as the children would get to see how chocolate is made. They would even get the opportunity to make their own chocolate.

Some of the local chocolate shops even have huge chocolate fountains – the children would love dipping their foods under the delicious chocolate waterfall.

Trampoline parks

Here’s a great way for tweens and teens to have fun while having a great workout as well. Most trampoline parks host birthday parties including tickets and they take care of everything for you.

One of the popular trampoline parks is Sky Zone, which has over 200 locations nationwide.

Spa party salons

Let the kids experience luxury while getting to feel like a princess at the same time. Each salon has its own package, but most salons offer a massage, a beauty mask, a foot soak, and tons of pampering- of course!

Get the tweens/teens some plastic champagne-shaped glasses and fill them up with soda, sparkling water, or non-alcoholic “champagne.”

Best Birthday Party Places for Kids Aged 13 and above 

Karaoke venues

Do you have a teen that loves singing? Or a child that dreams of being a famous pop star? Why not let their dreams come to life for the night? Fun entertainment makes this one of the best kid’s birthday party places.

There are several venues that offer and host karaoke parties – but you could always host the party at home with a small group of people. If you chose the latter option, hire out a local DJ – they would come to your home and run the party for you.

Then all you would need to focus on food and drink arrangements. A buffet is great for these types of parties.

Laser tag venues

Most venues that offer laser tag often have a private party room – which usually comes with a package that includes cake, food, games and other activities like bumper cars and so on. The kids will absolutely love suiting up and chasing one another around the laser tag venue.

Escape rooms

There are so many different themes to choose from when it comes to Escape rooms, you and your teenager will enjoy picking out together! Get your teen to pick something that they’re really into.

The teens will be put into different teams and they would have challenging puzzles to solve to enable them to escape from the room. It’s an action-packed way to celebrate your teens birthday.

After their battle of wits, they can end off the day with birthday cake and food! Companies like Escape the Room and Great Escape Room have various locations around the country, and they celebrate the birthday parties on-site.

Paintball venues

Paintball is great for active kids, they will enjoy the thrill of running around in their teams and getting messy. If safety is of a concern, you can look up some reputable local paintball venues that are experienced in terms of kids’ parties. There would be rules in place, precautions and a strong emphasis on safety, while having fun!

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