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Fun Family Destinations to Visit This Year

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When it comes to taking off to fun family destinations, you are providing your family with opportunities to learn, bond and create long lasting memories.

Family travel, while it does have its benefits, can also seem somewhat complicated.

Especially when it comes to choosing places for family vacations. You want to ensure that everyone is not only entertained, but happy, and this includes the parents.

The good news is that there are several fun family destinations for you to book your next travel experience, all of which have something for everyone.

So let’s take a look at the best places in the United States and Canada for family vacations and you can pick one you and the kids will love.

family standing on a beach taking a group portrait at sundown with a family sign

Fun Family Destinations to Visit This Year

Yellowstone National Park, USA

When it comes to a bonding experience for your family, Yellowstone National Park provides the highest opportunity.

No roller coasters or fancy lodging options. For the ultimate experience, camp in a tent spend the evening gazing at the stars. Take the time to roast marshmallows around the fire and spend time taking in the famous sights like Old Faithful and the Grand Prismatic.

With expansive trails and fun opportunities for children to become junior rangers and more, Yellowstone National Park is a fantastic family vacation destination to visit.

Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

Niagara Falls in Ontario Canada is an amazing family road trip destination. Not only can you experience several different attractions, but the 3 waterfalls are a beautiful sight.

Visit the Skylon Tower or the Niagara Skywheel to get a beautiful view of the falls. Check out the butterfly conservatory where you can be surrounded by the prettiest bugs ever, then visit the wax museum or take a dip in one of the many indoor and outdoor water parks. Heck, let the kids splash while you flat the lazy river and just relax.

The sky is the limit.

Grand Canyon, USA

Here’s a real kid-friendly destination. It’s no amusement park, but if you can find the hot springs, take the kids zip lining and ride a mule into the canyon, it’s better than an amusement park, in my opinion.

Heck, you can even go in the winter and find an area park for some outside ice skating. So much more fun than going to the generic mouse-house.

Grab a morning hike and then see the sun set over the edge of the canyon–you’ll understand why the world talks about going to this fun family destination.

trio of kids looking out the back hatch of a car

Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

An amazing family friendly destination, Virginia Beach offers so many new and exciting things to participate in.

Check out Neptune’s Castle on the beach where the kids can build sandcastles and enter them into a contest (imagine if they won?!).

Visit the Military Aviation Museum and take a ride in an open cockpit biplane or visit Ferry Farm, the first president’s boyhood home. The learning opportunities are endless, and the fun is out of this world.

Orlando, Florida, USA

This goes without saying, but Orlando, Florida is the best place to celebrate childhood, possibly in the world. If you want to celebrate your inner child, look no further because Orlando has something for everyone of every age.

From Walt Disney World Resort to Universal Studios, there are sure to be amazing experiences all around. In fact, you may have to book another vacation soon just to get a lot of them in.

While Orlando Florida has plenty of things that appeals to the little ones, it is also much more than just theme parks. Take in the beautiful downtown city landscape or even participate in a few rounds of golf, the subtropical climate is the perfect setting for many different experiences.

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Not only can you hit up Colonial Williamsburg with the children’s museum and all the fun that comes with showing the kids how people lived in the olden days, you can take them to Water Country USA, the world’s largest water park.

There’s so much more to do in Williamsburg than you can really imagine. Getting outdoors is not hard in this beautiful community. Hiking trails are strategically located to give you breathtakingly unforgettable views over this gorgeous county.

family standing on a beach taking a group portrait at sundown with a family sign with text which reads fun family destinations to visit this year

There are several fun family destinations out there to visit this year. Just get creative and don’t hesitate to book the best family vacation you have ever had.

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