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Easy Anytime, Anywhere Workouts

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Gym memberships can be expensive, especially if you have to shell out for childcare on top of your membership dues.  And going to the gym can be time consuming when you factor in drive time in addition to the workout time.

Oh yeah, and because you’re a mom, you’re on the mom schedule so you are at the gym when every other mom is there too so the classes are full and all the equipment you want to use is taken.

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Here’s an easy solution–work out at home.  It’s free.  You can do it whenever you want.  You can wear whatever you want.  And you can try exercises you would NEVER try in the gym because no one can see you!

Ideas For At-Home Workouts

With a quick internet search for “at home workouts” you can quickly pull up hundreds of different workouts.  I’ve done this already, so I’m going to save you some time. 

They’re basically all the same.  Here’s all the information you need to put together your own at-home workouts with very little mental effort.

  1. Choose 4-10 exercise from the list below depending on how much time you have to workout.
  2. Decide how many reps of each exercise you are going to do (I have given suggestions for reps based on an intermediate level of fitness).
  3. Do 3 sets of the entire workout.


  • Push Ups (15)
  • Tricep Dips (15)
  • Squats (40)
  • Plie Squats (40)
  • Wall Sit (60 seconds)
  • Lunges (15 each leg)
  • Calf Raises (50)
  • Mountain Climbers (25 each leg)
  • Burpees (12)
  • Star Jumps (15)
  • High Knees (25 each leg)
  • Jumping Jacks (100)
  • Plank (60 seconds)
  • Side Plank (60 seconds each side)
  • Bicycles (50 each leg)
  • V-Ups (20)
  • Russian Twists (25 each side)
  • Superman (15)

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