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Stripper Strength Training Workout Tips

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Thank you to the talented stripper who made it to the gym this morning to perfect her dance moves ON THE ELLIPTICAL.  I know I was not the only one who enjoyed the performance since most of the men in the gym had their tongues hanging out of their mouths as they watched.  Surprisingly, other than me and my workout partner, none of the women in the gym seemed to notice.  Apparently they were all there to focus on their workouts.

At first, I was amused at the pronounced swinging of her hips as she pedaled away, quite noticeable since the people on either side of her demonstrated NO side-to-side booty shaking.  It gave me something to chuckle about while I did my burpees.  Apparently, she wasn’t getting enough attention with this maneuver though, so she upped the ante and introduced some arm and shoulder movements that left no doubt in anyone’s mind about her profession.  I will admit I was impressed that she was pulling this off without falling off of the elliptical.  I’m pretty sure I was doing lunges, but I don’t really remember since I was very distracted when she moved on to rolling her upper body in a snake-like maneuver like the elliptical handles were actually her boyfriend’s abs.  I’m sorry I can’t post a video so you can relive the humor with me because cameras are not allowed in my gym.  In honor of Candi (the name I have given to the exotic elliptical dancer) here are some workout tips from strippers.

Stripper Strength Training Workout Tips

  • Focus on strength training for a well-toned body
  • Yoga and lots of stretching for flexibility
  • Keep cardio to 20-30 minutes, but aim for 5 days a week


Stripper Strength Training Workout:

  • Squats (3 sets of 25 reps)
  • Straight-leg deadlifts (3 sets of 10 reps)
  • Dumbbell lunges (4 sets of 12 reps per leg)
  • Hanging crunches (4 sets of 15)

Warning About Elliptical Techniques

By the way, while “researching” this information, I also researched elliptical techniques to see if there would be any value to imitating Candi’s elliptical workout.  All credible sources strongly recommended AGAINST these types of movements since proper form requires:

  • reducing side-to-side movements (i.e. no booty swinging)
  • constant contact between your hands and either the stationary or moving handles (i.e. no shimmying or lifting arms above head)
  • maintaining straight posture (i.e. no rubbing torso up against the machine)
  • gentle rolling of the foot to prevent numbness in the toes (i.e. no pretending to be in 5-in heels)

4 thoughts on “Stripper Strength Training Workout Tips”

  1. I need a show that’s called ‘Are You Fitter Than a Stripper?’ Because you need to see or feel the muscles on those people. Even if they’re lean,they’re crazy.

    • You’re not kidding! Many of them have amazing athleticism and flexibility.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I don’t need a video, I can totally picture her (which is scary enough). I wish I lived by you two, I would have been right there with you. At least you had something fun to watch while you worked out.

  3. Oh why can we not have video, I would love to be able to share this, since I know people will think it never happened, but yes, unfortunately it did, and I got an irritated eye full. Let’s hope she at least made a dollar or two on her way out the door.


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