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Water Activities for Kids You MUST try!

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Keep your children and their friends busy this summer with these super fun water activities for kids. They’re easy to set up, don’t require a lot of expensive supplies, and will provide hours of fun no matter how hot it gets outside.

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With the warm weather on the horizon, many are looking forward to the sun, the fun and the water play. Kids love participating in water activities.

In fact, many parents quite enjoy splashing around on a hot sunny day just as much as the kids do. If you are looking for some water activities for kids (and big kids if you dare) there are a few you will want to try this year.

Supplies Needed

I’m a big believer that you don’t have to buy a lot of fancy equipment to entertain kids. In fact, the simpler the items, the better because it’s less likely something will malfunction. Plus, it’s an opportunity for the kids to be creative.

That being said, just a few basic items will set you up for dozens of fun summer activities. Here’s a short list of everything you need to be fully prepared for a summer of fun (and you probably already have a lot of them!):

For added fun and for a very modest price, you might also want to pick up some:

  • Pool noodles: You can usually find these at your local Dollar Store. Check out all these backyard kid games you can set up with pool noodles.
  • Water guns: All the fun of water balloons without all the little pieces of rubber that you have to pick up afterwards.
  • Kiddie pool: Perfect for letting little ones splash around who are too young for the other games. Also an easy way to refill water guns.

three kids outside with one of them spraying water from a house on the others

Water Activities for Kids

Make the most of summer and set up one (or all) of these outdoor water activities for your kids to enjoy. For each fun game below, you’ll find a list of the supplies needed, the ideal group size, and simple instructions for how to play.

Water Balloon Dodgeball

What you need: 2 plastic tubs and 10 water balloons per player.

Players: Good for small or large groups.

What to do: Divide players into 2 groups and go on opposite sides of a line. Place the two tubs full of water balloons on either side of the line. Just like dodgeball, if you are hit with a water balloon, you are out. Last one remaining, wins.

Water Limbo

What you need: A water hose, a grassy area and music.

Players: Good for small or large groups.

What to do: Get your water hose ready in a large grassy area and line the kids up one behind the other. Have an adult be in charge on the water, making sure to turn the hose on full blast. Once the water starts and the music begins, have each player attempt to limbo under the water. The hose starts out high and after each round, the hose lowers. The players that get soaked, are out.

Water Obstacle Course

What you need: Water balloons, sprinklers and a large bucket of water.

Players: Good for small or large groups.

What to do: Set up an obstacle course using water balloons (filled with water), sprinklers and a large pail of water. Have someone manning each station, one throwing water balloons, one turning the sprinkler on and off at random and one throwing water out of the bucket. Have the children try to run from one end to the other without getting wet.

Water Balloon “Cold” Potato

What you need: Water balloons

Players: Good for small or large groups.

What to do: Players will stand in a circle, passing a water balloon from player to player by tossing it. Throw the balloon across the circle from player to player. If someone doesn’t catch the balloon or it breaks, that player is out. If the thrower of the balloon passes it too hard and makes it explode on another player, the thrower of the balloon is out. The game continues until there is one person left.

These water games for kids are a fantastic way to spend those warm summer months. Not only will they get your little ones outside enjoying the great outdoors, but they are fun to participate in. Give them a try with your kids this summer.


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