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Fun and Easy Easter Snack Crafts

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These Easter snack crafts are one of the easiest ways to add a little fun to your child’s Easter basket or lunch box. They’re all made with treats your child probably already enjoys, but with a few simple craft supplies and very little time and effort, they’re transformed into adorable Easter goodies!

a collage of five different Easter crafts made out of snack food with title text reading Easter Snacks

I’m not an especially crafty person. The only thing that gives me an edge over the average kindergartener is a little more experience cutting along a line with scissors and operating a low-temperature glue gun. If you possess those skills, you can easily manage any craft I publish on this site.

Easter Snack Crafts

For these Easter snack crafts, I tried to stick with food items your kids are probably already familiar with. Half the fun is their delight at how everyday snacks are transformed into a fun shape or animal.

a fruit cup, pudding cup, juice box and cheese stick decorated with paper, yarn, and pipe cleaners to look like a chick, bunny, egg, and carrot stick, all on fake grass next to plastic eggs and crayons

Also, these are items that are easy to sneak into their lunch box as a surprise. They are usually approved items for classroom parties too. You get to pull off looking like a bonafide Pinterest mom and nobody needs to know how easy it really was to make these Easter snack crafts.

Easter Egg Juice Box

This Easter snack craft is one of my favorites because it also doubles as a fun activity for your child. Leave the Easter egg plain and include a few crayons so your child can decorate the egg themselves. Get the directions here ==>> Easter Egg Juice Box

a juice box decorated wrapped in yellow paper with a paper egg glued on it on fake grass next to plastic eggs and crayons

Fruit Cup Chick

My daughter loves the fruit cups. Her favorites are the peaches, which made the perfect body for a baby chick. You can get the directions here ==>> Fruit Cup Chick

a fruit cup decorated with yellow paper and googly eyes to look like a chick on fake grass next to plastic eggs

Cheese Stick Carrot

If your child prefers the cheddar cheese sticks to the mozzarella ones, these cheese stick carrots are even easier since you can skip the coloring step. Even with the coloring step though, this craft only takes a couple of minutes to make and they turn out so cute! Get the directions here ==>> Cheese Stick Carrot

cheese sticks colored orange with green yarn at the top to look like carrots on fake grass next to plastic eggs

Bunny Pudding Cup

For Easter we just HAVE to make a bunny, right? Even as the most “complex” of the Easter snack crafts, this one is pretty darn simple. And as you can see, absolutely adorable too. Get the directions here ==>> Bunny Pudding Cup

an upside down vanilla pudding cup decorated with pink foam, white pipe cleaners and googly eyes to look like a bunny on fake grass next to plastic eggs

More Easter Ideas

I hope you enjoyed Easter snack crafts! Here is some more Easter inspiration:

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Our Easter bunny also likes to throw in some Easter Coupons that the kids can redeem with Mom and Dad.

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And finally, if you want to make the most of the Easter season, the best way is to establish memorable family traditions. Here are some Easter Family Traditions you may not know about yet.

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