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Wonder Woman Inspired Girl Power Collage

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It’s no secret that I’m a Wonder Woman fan (my blog mascot is based on her). So, when I saw the book Wonder Woman at Super Hero High, I realized this was the perfect opportunity to inspire fandom in my youngest daughter.

image of the cover of the book Wonder Woman at Super Hero High

About the Book

Wonder Woman at Super Hero High is just one in a series of books in the Super Hero High series. The series is written specifically for girls and stars iconic female superheroes as high schoolers.

Although the setting of the book is high school, the ideal audience are girls in grades 4th through 6th. That’s why I decided this book was a great choice for my 9-year old daughter.

The story doesn’t rely heavily on super powers, which I was happy about. I wanted my daughter to learn from Wonder Woman’s attitude and character, which are things she can develop. Thankfully, the book focused more on those attributes and less on Wonder Woman’s super speed or super strength.

Girl Power Collage

Driven by my love of creating printables and my motive to create a new Wonder Woman fan, I made a worksheet to reinforce the positive “girl power” message I was trying to send my daughter.

Here’s the sheet I gave her:


I cut out a picture of her and glued it in the middle. Then, I armed her with markers, magazines, scissors, and a glue stick and asked her to fill in the rest of the sheet with words or pictures that describe what she likes about herself.


I made sure to include lots of spaces so she’d have to come up with several positive things to say about herself. As girls and women, I believe we tend towards self-criticism. I don’t want my daughters to constantly waste their thoughts on what they don’t like about themselves.

While it can be helpful to identify areas where we can improve, as females, we make that our full-time job. I want my daughters to be confident about who they are based on all of their positive traits so that when one or two problem areas stick out, they CAN proactively address it and not let it tear them apart.

Whether or not you’re a superhero fan, I think you’ll find that the Super Hero High series is an inspiring choice for your daughter. And you don’t have to read the book to print off the collage picture. I think it’s a great self-esteem building activity for girls.

Book Themed Superhero Activities for Kids

A few of my blogger friends also created book based activities with a Superhero theme. Check them out below!


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  1. This is SUCH a good idea. The printable could be used with ANY book or just as a nice activity. I printed it to do with my daughter and pinned it, too.


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