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Pirates Crossword Puzzle for Kids

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A pirates crossword puzzle for kids is the perfect printable pirate activity. Pirate and summer parties sometimes need some downtime and this fun printable crossword puzzle with pirate-themed words is just the ticket.

printable pirates crossword puzzle for kids on a wood background


Boys and girls alike love pirates, mermaids, and everything about the ocean. A pirate party is a fun idea for birthdays or just because.

If you are planning a pirate party a simple and low-cost activity is having kids work the pirate crossword puzzle. You could put them into teams of two and have a contest to see which team completes the puzzle first. 

There are tons of creative ways to make a pirate party extra special without going to a ton of work. Here are some easy ideas:

  • Have the kids dress up as pirates and do a costume contest to award the best pirate costume a prize. 
  • A pirate-themed party wouldn’t be complete without a treasure chest. You can use a chest of some kind or you can buy a cardboard treasure chest pretty inexpensively. 
  • A simple color scheme of black, red, and white is very easy and usually matches up with most pirate paraphernalia. Balloons and streamers are inexpensive and kids love them. It is also very inexpensive to get a big pirate party kit of decor. 
  • This talk like a pirate treasure hunt is a fun activity that kids will love.
  • Find a huge cardboard box and let the kids turn it into a pirate ship. Ask big box stores that sell appliances if they have a box you could have for the party. This activity can take up a lot of time. 
  • No party is complete without some fun treats. Make your own edible treasure chest treats and kids will be thrilled. If you want to keep it simple give each child a bag of pirates booty popcorn and some milk chocolate gold coins
  • Blue Coconut Ice Cream Floats will be a hit with any child or adult and these only take minute to make. These have a tropical island feel and we know pirates spend a lot of time on islands!
  • If you want to send home some fun treat bags or gifts with the party-goers they will definitely like getting a treasure chest party favor box filled with fun items. 
  • Don’t forget to take lots of pictures. Send a picture of each pirate home with the kids at the end of the party as a gift. If you don’t have a Canon Selphy you need one. It is so quick and easy to print photos wirelessly from your phone!
a lady using a black makeup pencil to draw a mustache on a girl dressed as a pirate


This pirate printable is available for your own personal use at home. 

You can download and print off this fun pirates crossword puzzle for kids. Just fill in the form below.

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printable pirates crossword puzzle for kids

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