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One Smart Cookie Teacher Gift

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Giving a One Smart Cookie Teacher Gift is a great way to start off your child’s school year on the right foot. A simple gift idea made easy with a free printable gift tag makes this a no-brainer!

One Smart Cookie Teacher Gift


It is rare to find someone who doesn’t like cookies. I am not that person, LOL.

The average teacher will probably love any homemade cookies you give them. There are an unlimited number of cookie recipes out there to try.

It is always nice to give someone cookies you make from a treasured family recipe. If you don’t have a special family recipe here are some of my favorite cookie recipes:

If you are crunched for time you can always package up store-bought cookies. Buy some high-quality cookies from the bakery or order handmade decorated sugar cookies from someone local.

It doesn’t take much to create a One Smart Cookie Teacher Gift and that is the way I like DIY’s to go. The easier the better for busy moms!

One Smart Cookie Teacher Gift tags and cookies in cellophane bags, all on a table

It is very simple to make several of these teacher gifts in no time at all. Kids in elementary will have their primary classroom teacher but will also have teachers for fine arts classes and we don’t want to forget them.

If you are giving these out to teachers for children in middle or high school they will typically have 6-8 teachers per day.


If you are making cookies yourself the first step is to get the cookies made.

Allow the cookies to cool completely.

One Smart Cookie Teacher Gift with printable, cookies in a cellophane bag, and on a white plate, all on a wood table


The next step is to print the gift tags out. You can work on this step while the cookies are cooling.

I like to print my tags on white card stock.

I’ve created some gift tags that are available for free to my subscribers. If you like the ones pictured in this post, simply fill in the form below to get it for free.


Once you have your gift tags printed off, cut each tag out.

Use a regular-sized hole punch and punch a hole in the upper right side of the tag.

cookies in 2 cellophane bags next to a partial view of cookies on a white plate


Place 1, 2 or 3 cookies into a clear cellophane treat bag.

Tie a ribbon around the top of the bag to close it.

Then thread the ribbon through the hole in the teacher gift tag and tie it nicely with a bow.

One Smart Cookie Teacher Gift printable tag with a red ribbon tied on it

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top view is One Smart Cookie Teacher Gift printables next to cookies in a cellophane bag, bottom image is One Smart Cookie Teacher Gift printable with a red ribbon tied on it, with title text reading One Smart Cookie Teacher Gift

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