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Free Printable Medicine Cabinet Checklist

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Ever wish you had a Medicine Cabinet Checklist to make sure you have everything you need to treat injuries and illnesses? Me too!

As a mom, I definitely have some highs and lows. There are days when I manage to get the kids off too school fed well, dressed appropriately and on time without having to raise my voice and I feel like I really am Wondermom. Then there are days when I forget to send in lunch money or a library book and as we’re heading out the door I realize my son’s shirt is on inside out.

Be Prepared With This Medicine Cabinet Checklist

Never do I feel as helpless though as when one of my children comes to me with a fever and aches and pains and I realize I don’t have any children’s pain reliever in the medicine cabinet. For this reason, I’ve created the following checklist which I keep taped inside the door of my medicine cabinet.

Ideally, I would check it at regular intervals (e.g. monthly) to dispose of expired medication and restock. Realistically, this happens more sporadically. So, whether you use it to keep your home pharmacy properly stocked at all times or just want an idea of what items you ought to have on hand, hopefully you will find this list helpful.

Medication Checklist

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Why A Red Washcloth Is On The Checklist

As you read through the list, you might wonder why I specify a red washcloth. If anyone in your family is squeamish about blood, this is a good way to clean up blood without freaking anybody out. Nose bleeds don’t typically hurt, but many children have understandably panicked when they see all the blood that is pouring out of their head during one. A red washcloth will help hide the quantity of blood loss.

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  1. I have been trying to get organized and implement routines, but let’s face it…I’m HORRIBLE at it!!!! That’s why I’m interested in your printables. Wish me luck!!

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  9. Love the red washcloth.. Working in ER we get many that think they are hemorrhaging because they are using white and it looks like a lot. Great list but I have very few of these in my cabinet..

  10. This is a really good list and I think it is something we all should have in our homes no matter what age children or adults live there. The tip about the red wash cloth is genius! I will print this and make sure I have all I need.


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