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Free Printable Kitchen Reference Charts

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These free printable kitchen reference charts are a life-saver when it comes to quick answers while you are cooking. Kitchen conversions are easy to do when I can just look at a chart while making dinner!

free printable kitchen reference charts


One of the free printable kitchen reference charts is a recipe reduction chart. I have a fairly large family, but sometimes there may only be two of us home for dinner.

A recipe that feeds six will need to be reworked so that it only feeds two people. This recipe reduction chart makes it really fast for me to reduce the recipe by half or by a third.

When I am able to quickly alter recipes I know I won’t be making more food than is needed and there won’t be any waste.


I am used to cooking for around six people, but that number frequently grows because my children will have friends over for meals. We also love to entertain guests and it is common for me to need to increase a recipe for a larger group.

This measurement increase reference chart makes it so simple for me to double or triple a recipe. One recipe I love that is very easy to increase is my Instant Pot White Chicken Chili. A great recipe to feed a lot of people.

free printable kitchen reference charts


There are some kitchen conversions that always stump me. It is so handy to have free printable kitchen reference charts to make it easy for me!

Some conversions I don’t use very often and need a refresher to figure out. There is also a table of common kitchen abbreviations that is convenient.

One of the kitchen conversion printables has a meat temperature guide on it. There is also information about fresh herbs versus dried herbs so you know the conversion for those.


I am also including a kitchen notes printable that is just adorable and perfect for writing notes. Sometimes when I am experimenting with a new recipe I will grab one of these kitchen notes pages and start writing down the ingredients and amounts that I am using so I don’t forget!

This also works great for making a grocery list or to do list on the fly!

free printable kitchen notes on a white background with greenery near it


There are five free printable kitchen reference charts that you can download and print off for your own personal use. They are generic enough to work for any kitchen!

I like to laminate these measurement conversions charts so that I can keep them in good condition and reuse them over and over again. It is so handy to have a small personal laminator. Plus the charts can be wiped clean if I happen to have dirty fingers when I grab them while I am cooking!

Just fill in the form below to get all four charts plus the notes page.

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