New Uses for Basic Household Items

Finding new uses for basic household items is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to live better. Whether you repurpose an item instead of throwing it away or replace expensive items with more affordable common goods, you end up wasting less money without sacrificing convenience.

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One of the biggest challenges of keeping a home organized is taking control of clutter. When you have a family, this struggle compounds because each family member needs their own things.

An obvious way to take control of the clutter is to reduce the number of items we hold onto. That’s easier said than done though. After all, we accumulate things because we believe we need them, right?

My favorite trick for eliminating clutter is to use one item for multiple purposes. This way, I can replace several items with just one. Even better, I can buy items like these in bulk, which is almost always cheaper.

Below you’ll find all of my favorite new uses for basic household items so that you can find ideas to simplify your own home life.  Learn how to do more with the items you already have in your home so you aren’t tempted to buy more things that will just clutter up your home.

New Uses for Basic Household Items

There are a lot of items that are household staples. These are the things you can expect to find in almost any home. Most are items you use every day.

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Since you’re already buying these items, why not use them in as many ways as possible? This way, you don’t have to clear out cabinet space for other items that would do the same thing!

Aluminum Foil

Baking Soda

Bar Soap


Dishwasher Pods

Hydrogen Peroxide

Mason Jars

Paper Towels



New Uses for Other Household Items

There are other items that aren’t as common but are easy to find and inexpensive to buy. These items are perfect for replacing other, more expensive alternatives.

Cotter Pins

Wall Decals

Ways to Repurpose Recyclable Basic Household Items

Finding new uses for items you’d otherwise dispose of is a great way to not only save money but also reduce your carbon footprint. Here are some of my favorite ways to repurpose common recyclables.

various recyclable household items, like cans, newspapers and bottles

Baby Wipe Containers




Plastic Bags

Toilet Paper Tubes

Wine Corks

New Uses for Holiday Items

The holiday season is usually one of excess. No need to sit out the fun of the season of giving when you have ideas for using the items you’re most likely to accumulate during the holidays.

Christmas Ornaments

Wrapping Paper

I am constantly thinking up new ways to use basic household items so bookmark this page (or pin it) so you can check back later for even more ideas!

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