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The 10 Best Places to Visit in the Fall in the U.S.

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If you love Autumn, here’s a great bucket list of the Best Places to Visit in the Fall within the continental United States.

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The autumn months have a lot to offer for travelers. As nature starts changing into beautiful colors and scenery, it can be very easy for you to find a great travel deal.

Crowds start dwindling, in preparation for the cold season. This would be the ideal time for you to head out and experience amazing fall vacations without digging too deep into your pocket.

Rates drop as you approach the cold season. This does not mean that the beauty changes for the worse. In fact, the fall foliage is, for some, the most beautiful landscape of the year!

The fact that fewer people disturb the nature actually means that if you visit in the fall, you will get to experience everything in its purest form. We have highlighted some of the most epic destinations you can visit in the fall in this article.

10 of the Best Places to Visit in the Fall

1.    Visit Idyllic farms in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

The Amish community in Lancaster is warm and welcoming to travelers looking for fun activities in the fall. There is a lot of laid-back activities to experience in this Dutch county. You could easily wander into the corn fields and get lost in a corn maze or simply sit back and enjoy the beauty of the fall as leaves create a magnificent scene.

a wooden sign that says Enter Maze Here among stalks of corn

The corn maze is one of the main attractions to this location. Get to visit Adamstown and buy an antique from the over 3,000 antique shops located here, all for your amusement and convenience. Be sure to interact with the locals and learn their way of life.

2.    Jackson hole, Wyoming

The grand Tetons national park has a lot to offer for fall visitors and a trip to Jackson hole will be something you cannot avoid. There is a lot to do in this spot, including elk bugling and biking along the muddy Jackson hole terrain.

a lake with mountains in the background

Wear some warm clothing and be ready for an adventure. Hire a bike here and explore the deep foliage within this forest.

If you are a fan of walking, you cannot have enough of the numerous nature trails that skirt within the park. Join a hunting troop and try to see whether you can track and trace some wild animals inside the hole.

3.    Enjoy great scenery at the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

You will get to experience a wide diversity of flora and fauna, all existing in perfect harmony in this location. The flowers and trees are especially beautiful during this season when they are blooming. It’s a wonderful spot to view a wide array of fall colors.

tree covered mountains with the blue sky and clouds above

Although this location is very popular during summer because of the old mountains that invite outdoor enthusiasts, you can still enjoy a variety of activities during the fall. Hiking, rock climbing and hunting are just some of the activities you can indulge in.

4.    See amazing autumn foliage at Leavenworth, Washington

In the cascading mountains of Washington lies Leavenworth, a town designed in the Bavarian style that you should consider visiting in the fall.

a building front with cars parked in front of it

You will get to experience amazing forests covered with leaves having all kids of hue. See bright yellow trees and huckleberry bushes lining up the walkways creating a rainbow of beautiful colors.

It is a welcome break from the bustle and hustle of the city located not far away from here. If you plan your visit during October, you can enjoy a U.S.-based Oktoberfest.

5.    The Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Colorado river banks breathe life into these deep canyons located in Arizona. If you are a fan of rock climbing, you will get to experience beautiful scenery over deep gorges, running for over 277 miles. The plants deliver beautiful foliage and color.

the Grand Canyon

The canyons are a beautiful site for people who love having fun in the outdoors. The winding river allows space for rafting, kayaking, canoeing and fishing. The gorges allow for activities such as rock climbing and hiking.

6.    Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia

Virginia has much to offer in terms of scenic destinations and Blue ridge mountains is among the spots you can enjoy visiting this fall. The mountains have a spectacular blue hue that can accompany you along the 105-miles scenic drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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Find a place, park and take out your cameras as you will capture one of the most beautiful locations in the United States. Activities here include biking, hiking, rock climbing and camping.

7.    The Ozark Mountains, Missouri

If you are looking for an affordable fall destination, without missing out on any activity, head to the Ozark mountains in Missouri. There is a lot to do here.

The adrenaline searching members can enjoy rafting and canoeing in the rivers deep inside the mountains. You also get to experience rock climbing, horse riding and fishing.

water flowing down from a mountain

Explore beautiful mountain trails amidst beautiful trees and scenery. When you exit the mountain, you can grab a quick gift in any of the numerous antique shops around this location.

8.    Appalachian Mountains, Vermont

This is a very popular spot during the summer season.

Over the last few years, more people have been heading to this destination during the fall season as well, and for good reason. The air and weather is simply amazing.

a sign that reads Appalachian Trail with a tree behind it and a snowy ground below it

You get to experience crisp clean and cool air when you ascend these mountains. You will also enjoy many activities in the location. Skiing, hiking, sledding and finding nature trails top the list.

9.    Hog Back Mountain, South Vermont

Fancy seeing a bear out in the wild while still enjoying beautiful scenery? You can go to this locale to see animals and do some snow shoeing.

two mountain climbers climbing up a snow topped mountain

It is also a backpacker’s paradise, with the mountains being capped with snow. Enjoy hiking, rock climbing and hunting in these hills. There are camping grounds around for the camping enthusiast.

10. Big Sur, California

If you are a fan of magic in nature, you should probably head over to the Big Sur in California and get awed by beauty in nature. About halfway between San Francisco and Santa Maria, it’s a hidden gem along the coast.

Big Sur in California

The wildflowers and trees seem to always be in bloom here and during the fall season, they are at their level best. There are a lot of activities to engage in here.

You can go hiking, biking or hunting in this destination. The spot also attracts campers all year long. They come for the beautiful scenery and to be in harmony with nature.





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