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Get Organized Checklist for Your Kitchen

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In preparation for this week’s Get Organized Checklist for Your Kitchen, last week I had you start in the pantry. Now that we’ve got the hard part done, we’re going to straighten up the rest of the kitchen.

printable Get Organized Checklist for Your Kitchen

How to Organize Your Kitchen

Unlike the other areas I’ve covered in my Get Organized Checklist series, we are NOT going to start by emptying all the cabinets and drawers. Other than the pantry, where food can spill, the other storage spaces in your kitchen are unlikely to get very dirty. More than likely, most of your kitchen spaces will just need to be tidied or perhaps rearranged.

Counter Tops

Do a quick scan of your kitchen. Do you frequently use the items you store on your counters? If you have something taking up residence on your counter that you don’t use at least weekly, find a new home for it.

I was reluctant to store my heavy Kitchen Aid mixer anywhere else just because it’s such a hassle to move. If you have space in a bottom cabinet, you can install one of these slide out shelves to keep your counter clear. I love all the space this freed up on my counter!

Rev-A-Shelf - RAS-ML-HDCR - Full Height Base Cabinet Heavy Duty Mixer Lift

If your counter tops are cluttered with items you use frequently, consider getting them out of the way with these alternative solutions:


Once your counter tops are cleared of unnecessary items and appliances, position remaining items in locations that make the most sense.

  • Coffee maker near sink (for easy access to water)
  • Paper towels near area where most spills are likely to occur
  • Can opener near stove
  • Toaster near bread box or where plates are kept
  • Utensil crock or caddy near stove

Finally, give the counters a good wipe down. In the next step, you might be setting clean items on the counter and we want them to stay clean!


Open up all of your cabinet doors so you can easily assess the current state of your kitchen organization. Do you have items located near where they are used?

  • Pots and pans near the stove
  • Baking sheets and baking dishes near the oven
  • Coffee mugs near the coffee maker
  • Plates either near the table or near the dishwasher
  • Glasses near the refrigerator or dishwasher

If anything is in a cabinet that DOESN’T make sense, remove the item and set on the counter in front of the cabinet where they do belong.

Next, arrange items in the cabinets in ideal locations.

  • Most frequently used items should be easiest to reach
  • Place rarely used items on top shelves and/or at the back of cabinets
  • Heavy items should be placed in bottom cabinets, if possible
  • Breakable items should be out of children’s reach

Once everything is in its proper place, take a few minutes to make sure cabinet items are stacked neatly. This way you can enjoy a pretty, organized kitchen while all the cabinet doors are open.

If your cabinets are over-full, consider using under-cabinet storage to make use of unused vertical space.


Inside your cabinets, you can also use organizers specifically made for storing common kitchen items.


Another way to keep your cabinets neat but still easy to look through for items you need is to use Lazy Susans to store items. Small ones can be used in your spice cabinet. Larger ones are great for storing items in corner cabinets.


Now we’re going to repeat the cabinet process with our kitchen drawers. Open them all up so you can see everything at once.

Are items stored in places that make sense?

  • Silverware near the plates and bowls
  • Cooking utensils near the stove
  • Scrapers, wooden spoons, rolling pins near prep area
  • Oven mitts near stove/oven
  • Dish towels near sink

Move items as needed. Straighten up all your drawers so items are placed neatly inside.

If your kitchen is short on drawer space, use adhesive hooks on the inside of cabinet doors to hold oven mitts, dish towels, measuring spoons, etc. You can also use over-the-cabinet-door holders for extra storage.


Printable Get Organized Checklist for Your Kitchen

Now that you know exactly what needs to be done to get your kitchen it’s time to print off the checklist and actually do it!

printable Get Organized Checklist for Your Kitchen

Get Organized Checklist for Your Kitchen

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