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Random Acts of Kindness for the Special Needs Mom

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Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day. ~Sally Koch

When we take advantage of the opportunities God gives us each day to encourage others, it not only blesses those in our life but our hearts as well. If you happen to have a special needs Mom in your midst, you have been given a unique opportunity. You have the ability to build her up in a BIG way with some simple Random Acts of Kindness.

Moms of children with special needs (of any type) often feel low, overwhelmed, tired out and misunderstood.

I want to challenge you to step into her life with a few thoughtful acts or kind words. You have the power to encourage her to press on during the toughest of times! I have been on both sides of the coin. I know these moms are often overlooked by others and they also may struggle to ask for help.

Pick one of these little Random Acts of Kindness for special needs moms. YOU can make a huge impact – do all 30 and I can’t begin to tell you how life changing it could be for her!


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30 Random Acts of Kindness For the Special Needs Mom

  1. Buy her a coffee/tea or a coffee card – yes, it will be very appreciated!!
  2. Prepare and deliver a stash of freezer meals – with long days spent at the doctor a quick easy dinner is just the ticket!
  3. Give a card of encouragement
  4. Make her a box of sunshine – a trip to the dollar store to buy some sunshine (yellow) goodies – pens & notepads, candles, yellow candy, little flower clips, gold nail polish, anything fun, yellow or gold, and that she wouldn’t get for herself!
  5. Buy her a gas gift card
  6. Drop off gift cards for meals
  7. Buy her flowers just because
  8. Create nail care jar or spa jar
  9. Make busy bags for the other kids
  10. Gift her a Spa appointment or haircut
  11. Call and offer to pick up her groceries
  12. Pick up medicine or prescription for her
  13. Offer her childcare – for all the kids or for the children while she is at doctor appointments
  14. Send an encouraging podcast or blog post to brighten her day
  15. Pray for her and send her a text letting her know she’s on your mind
  16. Buy an audiobook for her or the kids
  17. Bring her a special dessert
  18. Clean and wash her car
  19. Pick a cleaning task do for her at home
  20. Buy her a cleaning service
  21. Do her laundry
  22. Make a goodie bag from the dollar store or target
  23. Deliver essentials to her – think diapers wipes, snacks, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, laundry detergent etc
  24. Let go of any judgement and build her up instead – she’s likely doing the best that she can!
  25. Do Lawn care / landscaping / snow shoveling for her
  26. Get her Redbox or Netflix gift card
  27. Offer her help during the Holiday’s – make and bring by part of the holiday meal, offer to take her car and fill it with gas before traveling, care for the kids so she can Christmas shop for her children, or bring some stocking stuffers to brighten up their Christmas.
  28. Make her a Manna Jar with encouraging Bible verses
  29. Take a meal, warm pj’s or socks or essentials to the hospital during a stay
  30. Buy mom something she wouldn’t herself
And a special note – Find something genuine to compliment her on in her faith, character or parenting.
Do you admire her strength? (even if she doesn’t feel she’s strong), is she patient? Do you appreciate the way she just doesn’t give up? Let her know! I guarantee it will bless her day!
So friends, what special needs Mom do you have in mind? Print out the list below and start changing a Mom’s life for the better today with Random Acts of Kindness!

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