Printable Coupons for Kids

I make a lot of printable coupons for kids because they are such an easy parenting tool. They can be used as gifts, rewards, and pick-me-ups on bad days.

printable Coupons for kids

I always share some suggestions for kid coupons, but also provide blank templates too. That way, you can cater coupons to your own children.

Printable Gift Coupons for Kids

Kid coupons make great stocking stuffers, Easter basket fillers, and Valentine’s Day gifts. These are the first Valentine coupons for kids I created.

Printable Valentine Coupon Book

And then I added some fun graphics and came up with another version of Valentine kid coupons.

printable Valentine coupons for kids with monsters on them

Kid coupons also make great Easter basket fillers. These printable Easter coupons are fun, colorful, and make a unique addition to your child’s basket.

printable Easter coupons

printable reward coupons for kids

Printable Reward Coupons for Kids

I like to “catch” my kids behaving well. To reinforce that good behavior, I created a reward jar. Each time they were “caught,” they could choose a random reward from the jar.

a glass jar labelled with the text good job with slips of paper inside

If you don’t use a reward jar, but would like to provide coupons as rewards for good behavior, you might prefer these reward coupons for kids.

printable rewards coupons for kids

Printable Pick-Me-Up Coupons for Kids

As parents, we hate to see our kids suffer. We know we can’t solve all of their problems, but sometimes it’s always nice to be able to cheer them up.

Surprising your kids with a symbol of your love for them is a great way to bolster their self-esteem. One easy way to do this is to sneak a note into their lunch box.

printable lunch box notes for kids

The best thing about using printable coupons for kids is that you can print them off whenever you want. And while you can use rewards that involve a material prize, the most effective rewards won’t be.

Instead, you’ll reward your child with your time and attention, like playing this Printable Nerf Targets Fun Family Activity together. Your children will relish the independence and control some of the coupons grant them.

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