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Popular Line Dances All Moms Should Know

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Don’t sit on the sidelines the next time everyone rushes to the dance floor! Below are videos for popular line dances so you can practice at home before you take your moves public.

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The Wobble is my very favorite line dance. It’s also the one that mortifies my teenagers the most when I perform it in public. The moves aren’t complicated (though apparently I’m not doing them right if my teens’ laughter is any indication) and the song just makes you want to groove (yes, I said “groove”).

Soulja Boy

Perhaps because this is a newer song compared to the others, knowing the moves to this dance earns you mad street cred with the kids. The moves look kind of silly to begin with so it’s pretty hard to look bad doing them.

Whip/Nae Nae

Like Gangnam Style, this is a move your kids expect you to know. Hillary Clinton did it on the Ellen Show so you have no excuse. Here’s Silentó (the musician who sings “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” showing you how to do ALL of the moves in the song.

Turbo Hustle

Okay, this is one NO ONE in my family had heard of when it popped up on our playlist. It’s not hard, but it’s so FAST. I’m secretly practicing it so that I can break out and wow them during our next family dance party.

Additional Dance Moves


For all of the dances above, the choreography for each song leaves little or no time for freestyle dancing. However, there are many popular songs with specific “moves” associated with the chorus, while you’re free to do whatever you want during the rest of the song. If you want to take your kid-impressing/embarrassing dancing to the next level, add these moves to your repertoire.

Teach Me How to Dougie

Hit the Quan


Cat Daddy

I hope this post inspired you to learn some new dance moves. Do you have a favorite dance move that didn’t make my list? Let me know in the comments so I can add it to our family dance party playlist! Speaking of my playlist, you can find all of the official videos for the dances listed above in the Wondermom Wannabe “Popular Line Dances” playlist on YouTube.

See the videos for FIVE more popular line dances by clicking the button below.

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  1. Jerusalema is a fun dance where you ate supposed to hold a player of food or drink in one hand while your dance. Not sure why but there you go. Have fun!


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