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Easy Ways to Pamper Your Cat

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Cat owners already know how much our feline friends contribute to our lives. It’s natural to want to find ways to pamper your cat to show your affection for your adorable fur baby.

Benefits of Cat Ownership

My cat is my constant companion. While I work at my computer, she sits on the windowsill beside me.

a cat sitting on a windowsill

She follows me everywhere. Sometimes, she stalks me like she’s hunting large prey, but I’m pretty sure this is just the cat version of tag.

While I’m giving her a lot of credit, I imagine this is how she protects me. Like secret service, she’s hanging out in the shadows watching for threats. She’d probably pounce into action if someone attacked me.

Like most cats, she considers it her job to make sure I don’t develop eye strain from using electronics or reading too much. So, she often inserts herself between me and my computer, phone, or book. And since I’m a blogger and avid reader, this service is pretty much a full-time job for her.

Did you know that in addition to all of the “jobs” cats perform, they also provide a whole bunch of benefits simply by living with us?

Most notably, studies show that owning a cat actually lowers your risk of heart disease. The stress-reducing effect of cat ownership that leads to lower risk of heart disease also results in better overall mental health too. Plus, their purring can actually help improve the healing ability of our bones and muscles!

So, even if your cat does nothing but sleep all day, she deserves a reward for all the ways her simple existence benefits you. If your cat is anything like mine, she exudes this attitude, making it hard to ignore. Somehow she manages to pull off this “You’re lucky to be in my presence,” look ALL DAY LONG.

a close up of a cat on a table

I admire her confidence so I’m happy to shower her with some extra love and affection. But what exactly is the best way to pamper your cat?

How to Pamper Your Cat

You don’t have to book a spa day or build a feline Taj Mahal to pamper your cat. It’s actually very easy and doesn’t have to cost a lot. Here are the simplest and most affordable ways.

Pay Attention to Your Cat

In general, cats are pretty good at letting you know exactly what they want. When they want you to watch them instead of TV, they’ll come stand directly in front of your face. When they want you to pet them, they jump onto your lap or chest and nudge your hand.

So, the easiest way to pamper your cat is to respond to these obvious requests. Cats are super fickle so when you comply with their demands, you’re only beholden for a few minutes before they get bored and move on.

Create Cat Lounge Areas

Cats love to be perched up high and tucked away in hidden cubbies. Designate a few spaces like these and make them comfy for your cat. For example, line a basket with a fleece blanket.

a cat in a basket lined with a fleece blanket for Simple Ways to Pamper Your Cat

No need to go purchase special supplies. Cats are just as happy with cardboard boxes, plastic totes, old towels or blankets and carpet squares.

You can also invest in or build a cat climbing tree. Again, you can accomplish this with little to no investment by simply arranging furniture in a way that makes it easy for your cat to jump to the highest point in the room.


Massage is just as relaxing and good for cats as it is for us. And it only takes a few minutes to give your cat a nice massage.

The best part about cat massage is that you don’t have to schedule it. Next time your cat jumps on your lap when you’re watching your favorite television show or brainstorming next week’s meal plan, give your cat a massage that will relax the both of you.

Create a Drinking Fountain

Cats love running water. You can buy a pet fountain for as little as $15 or you can simply turn the bathroom faucet on to create a slow trickle for a few minutes each day.

Make Meal Time a Special Treat

My vet told me that I should be feeding my cat wet food in addition to kibble to make sure she gets enough meat in her diet. Relying solely on kibble was adding too many carbs and ruining her girlish figure.

For a list of reputable brands (along with a list of brands to avoid), read this post from Cat Food Guide.

a cat eating cat food for Simple Ways to Pamper Your Cat

More Cat Tips

Looking for even more tips to care for your cat? Check out this post on 10 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Cat.

If after reading this, you’re thinking, caring for a cat sounds easy enough, now you want to get a new cat for your home, here are the Best Low-Maintenance Cats For Your Home.

a cat on a wood floor with title text reading 10 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Cat

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