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The Many Crafty Uses For Cotter Pins

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My daughter recently asked me to help her make paper plate puppets. In the past, we have used metal brads which we usually have in large supply to attach the arms and legs so that they can move. This time though, I couldn’t find any anywhere in the house.

My husband swooped in to save the day and offered me some of his cotter pins. Also known as split pins, their common function is to hold bolts in place within machinery. In my opinion, this is a sadly narrow application for these little dynamos.

There Are Many Crafty Uses For Cotter Pins

There are so many other craftier and pleasant ways to use them.

For example, you could use a cotter pin to keep glue fresh  (idea from Jewelry Making Journal).

using a cotter pin to keep glue fresh

Or, you could craft your own Neon Statement Necklace  by following this tutorial from Pitter and Glink.

neon necklace made from cotter pins

Don’t forget the matching earrings! Again, courtesy of Pitter and Glink.


Why not follow the directions at Cutout and Keep to make a Tin Can Knitting Loom?

tin can knitting loom

Use the rest of your tin cans to make these Tin Can Flowers from We Made That.

a flower made from a tin can with trees in the background

And for those of you who are really crafty, you might enjoy this tutorial from Craftbits to help you make your own Baby Pip Teddy Bear.


24 thoughts on “The Many Crafty Uses For Cotter Pins”

  1. Hum-cotter pins-never heard of them-guess you can tell how crafty I am not! Love all the different things you can make with them.

  2. I love the tin can flowers! That is a great idea and looks like a really fun project. I honestly didn’t know what a cotter pin was until I saw this. Thanks for the projects!

  3. What fun uses for a product that is not normally thought of in this fashion. I’m thinking my daughter and I have some new fun projects! Thanks for the ideas.

  4. Had never heard of or see a cotter pin, LOL! Some great and creative ideas here, love the can flowers.

  5. I know my Hubs has lots of cotter pins in the basement. I need to make something cute out of them. Love the necklace!!

  6. Those tin can flowers are seriously awesome. I’m not particularly crafty, but I love the ideas you’ve put together.


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