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6 Creative Uses for Christmas Ornaments

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There are so many wonderful, creative uses for Christmas ornaments, you’ll have plenty of reasons to stock up on them during holiday sales. Ornaments are a simple and inexpensive way to add some Christmas spirit to your holiday decor, gifts, and parties.

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Take advantage of all the affordable ornaments at dollar stores and special deals at your favorite stores, then try some of these clever ideas.

Creative Uses for Christmas Ornaments

If you love Christmas, chances are you have more ornaments than would ever fit on your tree – or the tree you added to your dining room. It’s hard to resist these colorful gems, especially during after-Christmas clearance sales.

Thankfully, there are so many other ways to use them. Let’s take a closer look at some creative uses for Christmas ornaments.

Easy Upscale Gift Wrap

Want to quickly and easily jazz up a gift? Add an ornament to the package.

Even if you use plain paper, a decorative ornament immediately makes your gift look upscale. It also makes the gift look festive and people will love the added thoughtful, surprise.

a red present with a gold bow on top of a brown envelope with ribbon, thread, berries, and greenery in the background

If you’ll be stacking a lot of presents under your tree, you may want to use ornaments that lie flat.

Vase Fillers

Christmas ornaments are also great vase fillers. You can fill a large, clear vase with ornaments to add a pop of festive cheer to any room.

A large hurricane vase filled with ornaments that match your tablescape would make the perfect centerpiece on your dining table. You could fill smaller vases to place on your buffet in matching colors.

I love this holiday vase that Christy from My Invisible Crown made. She has some other easy, adorable Christmas decorating ideas too so visit her site to see them.

a glass vase full of Christmas ornaments on a table with a mirror in the background

Place Cards

If you have a bunch of plain ornaments, use them as place cards. Write the person’s name on the ornament in a colored Sharpie or use glue and glitter.

If you spend a lot of time making the ornaments pretty, you can even invite your guests to take them home with them for their tree.

Decorative Chandelier

String Christmas ornaments on thin ribbon and cut the ribbon at varying lengths. Tie the ornaments onto your chandelier and you’ll transform it into a holiday chandelier.

This is so much fun and definitely gives your dining room a festive look. Use whatever type of ornaments and ribbon you want to get the look you want.


Check your local dollar stores for pool noodles. These can be bent and glued to form a wreath. You then hot glue ornaments onto the form until you’ve completely covered it.

Round ornaments work best for this. Use different sizes so that you can fill in all the gaps.

You can use whatever colors you have on hand or get a variety of shades of the same color to create an elegant looking wreath.

Framed Art

Last, but not least, you can use flat-backed ornaments to create art. Choose your frame and choose some decorative paper to fit inside the frame. Next, glue your ornament onto the glass.

Christmas crafts can be made using so many different things, including Christmas ornaments. Dig through your stash, or hit up your local Dollar Tree, to see what you can find to use in your projects.

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