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Low-Carb Instant Pot Recipes

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This menu of 30 Low-Carb Instant Pot Recipes is full of recipes you can enjoy that won’t sabotage your healthy lifestyle. This diverse menu of recipes is packed with flavor but low in starchy foods for a whole month of tasty low-carb living.

printable menu calendar on an orange, green and white background with title text eading 30-Days of Low-Carb Instant Pot Recipes

Why Low-Carb Diets Work

If you follow a low-carb diet, you already know the benefits. You’ve likely achieved, or are easily able to maintain, a healthy weight. You also probably have more stable energy levels as a result of balancing your blood sugar.

If you are curious WHY you feel better on a low-carb diet, this is a handy infographic that explains it pretty well.

an info graphic titled 6 reasons why low carb diets work

Source: AuthorityDiet.com

Precautions for Low-Carb Dieters

Even though a low-carb diet has many benefits, you should also take precautions to ensure you’re safeguarding your health.


When you eliminate grains from your diet, you also lose a lot of the fiber you need each day. You can make up for this shortfall by eating plenty of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.

If you continue to struggle with constipation, you can introduce a fiber supplement. If you gag at the thought of drinking Metamucil, you’ll be happy to know that newer fiber supplements that are invisible and tasteless.


One common negative side effect of low-carb diets is dehydration. All that glycogen you’re getting rid of takes a bunch of water with it.

Dehydration can lead to headaches, fatigue, and muscle cramps. It’s extremely important to drink plenty of water when you follow a low-carb diet.

Vitamin Supplements

Another side effect of reducing carbs in your diet is that you’ll lose several vital nutrients. On a low-carb diet, you’ll likely be deficient in folic acid and potassium.

You need to do something to offset these vitamin and mineral losses. You can work to regularly incorporate foods that contain these nutrients or you can take supplements.

Avoid Sugar Alcohol

Ideally, your low-carb diet includes eliminating most highly processed foods. However, eating all natural can be difficult at times, and definitely less convenient.

So, if you incorporate packaged foods into your low-carb diet, you should try to avoid those with sugar alcohols. Sugar alcohols like sorbitol can cause upset stomachs and are in many low-carb products.

Low-Carb Instant Pot Recipes

To find recipes for this month’s menu, I took recommendations directly from Instant Pot users from the Instant Pot Community on Facebook. This group is the official Instant Pot group with over 1.4 million members at the time I created this menu.

Many of these recipes were recommended over and over again by dozens of users. These are low-carb Instant Pot recipes that are tried, tested, and loved!

If you are active on Facebook, you can also find several groups specifically for Low-Carb Instant Pot Recipes. Simply search “low-carb Instant Pot” in the search bar and you’ll find over a dozen groups you can join.

  1. Low-Carb Flank Steak Tacos with Spicy Mexican Slaw from Kalyn’s Kitchen
  2. Healthy Chicken Soup from Make Your Meals
  3. Garlicky Cuban Pork from Skinny Taste
  4. Egg Roll Bowls from I Don’t Have Time for That
  5. Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken from This Old Gal
  6. Boneless Pork Chops from Eating on a Dime
  7. No Noodle Lasagna from Low Carb Yum
  8. Moo Shu Beef from Wondermom Wannabe
  9. Crack Chicken from Adventures of a Nurse
  10. Sausage and Peppers from Pressure Cooking Today
  11. Chicken Marsala with Spaghetti Squash from Mama Instincts
  12. Low Carb Lo Mein from Carmy
  13. Low Carb Pizza Casserole from Awe Filled Homemaker
  14. Salsa Chicken from Blue Bowl
  15. Smoky Bacon Chili from PaleOMG
  16. Ratatouille from Instant Pot Eats
  17. Bruschetta Chicken with Zoodles from This Old Gal
  18. Low Carb Beef Stroganoff from Two Sleevers
  19. Chile Verde from Serious Eats
  20. Honey Garlic Chicken from Diethood
  21. BBQ Cola Ribs from Recipes That Crock
  22. Chicken & Smoked Sausage Stew from Foraged Dish
  23. Pork Roast with Mushroom Gravy from Health Starts in the Kitchen
  24. Stuffed Cabbage Rolls from Pressure Cooking Today
  25. French Garlic Low Carb Chicken from Two Sleevers
  26. Balsamic Beef Pot Roast from I Breathe I’m Hungry
  27. Buffalo Chicken Meatballs from What Great Grandma Ate
  28. Taco Soup from That Low Carb Life
  29. Lemon and Olive Ligurian Chicken from Hip Pressure Cooking
  30. Sweet Pork Tenderloin from Wondermom Wannabe

Though I was specifically searching for low-carb dinner ideas, I did also stumble across a couple of low-carb desserts that deserved an honorable mention:

And in case you need even more, here are some of my own low-carb Instant Pot recipes:

I also love this cookbook from Wholesome Yum. Not only are the recipes all low in carbs, they’re all ready in 30 minutes or less too!

30 Dinners in 30 Minutes Cookbook - 30 Easy Low Carb Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less

Printable Menu of Low-Carb Instant Pot Recipes

Skip meal planning! I’ve done all the work for you by adding all of the recipes above to a printable menu. Just click on the image below to download/print.

printable calendar menu on a white background with the title reading Low-Carb Instant Pot Recipes Menu 30 Days of Low-Carb Dinners

One Month Menu Low-Carb Instant Pot Recipes

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  1. These recipes look wonderful, but there are a handful of them that can’t really be considered low-carb. For example, the Honey Garlic chicken has 35 carbs per serving!! Most women doing a keto or Atkins or LCHF diet restrict carbs to 20-50 carbs per day, so a serving of that would cut heavily into other meals, not to mention the hit to your blood sugar levels. Just a thought!

    • Hi Carrie, someone in the IP Community made the same comment. I chose these recipes specifically from recommendations in the group for low-carb recipes so that I wasn’t relying solely on a recipe claiming to be low-carb. Clearly, I should have also dug into the nutritional data for each recipe too, to be certain. I’m currently going through each recipe now and looking for tried and tested alternatives to swap in for those that aren’t truly low-carb. Thank you for your comment! The goal of the post is to be an easy resource for others so I appreciate the opportunity to improve it so that it truly is helpful.


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