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Help Your Daughter Develop Good Skin Care Habits Early

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During my recent visit to the ENK Children’s Club Trade Show in New York City, I found some amazing brands that as a mom, I immediately fell in love with. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing them with you, hoping you will be as tickled at discovering them as I was.

This is where I would normally add a disclosure statement to let you know that I received something for free or am getting paid to write about these companies. I won’t be providing any such disclosure in these articles though since I purchased the products with my own money because I really, truly thought they were amazing and wanted them for my own family. So, aside from finding some of the owners very personable, my only motive in promoting them and hoping for their success is that I think their products are amazing and that you will love them.


Today, I’d like to introduce you to willa®, a skin care line designed specifically for tweens to help them develop good skin care habits while they are young.

About the Owner

Christy Prunier, the creator of willa®, developed the products for very personal reasons. As a young girl she suffered from oily skin and breakouts as most young girls do. Her self-prescribed solution was to try to dry up the oil by baking in the sun and using the strongest drugstore remedies she could find. At age 29, she was diagnosed with skin cancer and had to have surgery. She realized then that she needed to take skin care seriously. Sadly, every dermatologist she consulted told her that she couldn’t undo the damage done to her skin all those years ago. When she found out that 80% of lasting damage happens by age 18, she knew she would have to find a solution for her own daughter Willa before she hit her teen years. As she puts it, you don’t wait until your child has a cavity before you teach them to brush their teeth, so why wait until they have a breakout or sunburn before you teach them to take care of their skin?

Christy and her daughter Willa

Here’s the best part of the willa® line, Christy’s a mom. So, she knows that it’s REALLY hard to get kids to do things they don’t like to do. She didn’t want to create one more thing to nag her child about every day (between chores, homework, eating healthy, and minding manners our plates are pretty full of nagging topics already, right?). Instead, she started out with the goal of getting her daughter to WANT to take care of her skin because she loved doing it, not because her mom was forcing her to do it. As a result, rather than rushing to market in a rush with her great idea and the cheapest, simplest product she could get produced quickly, Christy took an entire year conducting focus groups with girls to understand their wants, needs, and behaviors as they pertained to skin care. The result of all this research is a line of products that ingeniously accomplish all the important skin care tasks you want for your daughter in ways that will have your daughter doing cartwheels over how much they love them.


What She Learned From Tween Girls

The girls in the focus groups claimed they didn’t like to wash their faces because most soaps irritated their eyes, weren’t fun to use, and smelled weird. In response, the willa® facial wash comes in a fun-to-use foam that has a light, fresh scent and is completely harmless and painless if it accidentally gets in one’s eyes.

The girls also stated that they didn’t like using moisturizer because it was greasy and they were afraid it would clog their pores or make them break out. The willa® moisturizer honestly feels like a drop of water, absorbs quickly, and is impossible to detect once it’s been applied.

Despite the fact that most of the girls understood the importance of sunblock, they admitted that they didn’t apply it as often as necessary because most sunscreen was greasy and left them looking pale and pasty. The willa® moisturizer looks skin-colored when it comes out of the tube and feels like baby powder after it’s rubbed into your skin. Definitely NOT greasy.

And did you know that most girls don’t like the little containers of lip balm because the lids are easy to drop or lose? Christy does, because the girls told her so her lip balm has flip top lids instead.

Smile Lip ButterThe girls also didn’t like digging around in their backpacks or purses to find their tubes of lip gloss. Christy solved this problem by adding a clip to the tube so that it can easily attached to a backpack or purse strap.

Smile Shimmer Lip Gloss

Just in case you’re the extra stubborn type and haven’t been wowed by the amount of insight incorporated into the entire willa® product line, perhaps I should mention that every single product:

  • Has no harsh chemicals
  • Has no parabens
  • Has no sulfates
  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • Is safe for sensitive skin
  • Is made in the USA


My Daughter’s Review

As I mentioned earlier, I purchased several of the willa® products for my daughter. She’s just starting to struggle with oily skin and has had her first couple of breakouts. Here’s what she had to say about the products.

The first thing she tried was the Start Fresh Foaming Facial Wash. She really liked that she could wash her face quickly and easily since she didn’t have to worry about getting it in her eyes.

Then she tried the Face Friendly Clear Face Moisturizer. She loved that it absorbed into her skin “in like 2 seconds” and that she was able to moisturize her entire face with just two squirts from the bottle.

Face Friendly Clear Face MoisturizerShe applied some of the Take Action Acne Spot Treatment next. She thought the pen-like applicator was super cool and made it much easier to apply the liquid precisely on each blemish.

Take Action Acne Spot TreatmentThe following morning she used the On-The-Go Cleansing Lavender Face Towelettes because she’s not a morning person and it takes her awhile to get motivated. She liked that although the wipe was moist, it didn’t make her face feel wet. Instead, she felt like it absorbed a lot of oil, yet left her skin feeling soft.

On The Go Gentle Cleansing Lavender Face TowelettesShe applied the Face the Day SPF 30 Tinted Face Protection and loved that it rubbed into her skin so quickly compared to every other sunscreen she has used. She was also happy that it didn’t leave her skin feeling greasy. In fact, she couldn’t feel it at all.

Face the Day SPF 30 Tinted Face ProtectionHer favorite attribute of all of the products that she tried was that she couldn’t feel them on her skin after she used them.

Another thing my daughter really liked about willa® was the magazine that came with the products. You see, Christy isn’t just trying to sell products and make money (though I’m sure she likes that too). She is passionate about educating girls about how to take care of themselves and about making sure they have fun in the process. The magazine isn’t a thinly-disguised product catalog. Instead, it is full of information that my teen daughter found interesting and that she enjoyed reading. You can get an idea of what is covered in the magazine by reading the willa® blog.

Whether you decide to use willa® products or not, I hope you do learn from Christy’s experience and help your daughter(s) develop good skin care habits while they are young to help them avoid damage that could haunt them for the rest of their lives. That goal was Christy’s mission and is one with which I strongly agree.


15 thoughts on “Help Your Daughter Develop Good Skin Care Habits Early”

  1. Wow, what a story behind the product and one that I can truly respect and appreciate. We always want for our children what we did not have or know. She took it to the next level.

    I am going to look up “Willa” products in just a moment.

  2. I love the small companies that are emerging that offer high quality products for teens/tweens.I also think it is neat that a magazine comes with the products.

  3. Never heard of this company before but I am going to check them out for my daughter. I know she would love to try out their products. Sounds like a gr8 company!

  4. This is really nice to know. It’s nice when you come across a company that really cares and truly believes in what they sell, not just for personal gain but because they truly care. I would definitely be referring this to a few friends. I love to promote products I truly believe in.

  5. Teaching good skin care is very important. We have a daily routine that helps make this second nature.

  6. If I had any children at all I would definitely try these products–wonder how it would work on my old skin–I also despise that greasy feeling you get with most sunscreens and products for that matter.

  7. willa sounds like such a great skincare company for young girls. So glad your daughter has had such a positive experience with their products and I can definitely see why you are so passionate about them.

  8. my daughter is 11 I guess it’s time to look into something like this =]

  9. You are right, it is important to teach girls to take good care of their skin. It is a lifelong skill that is best learned early.

  10. I love natural beauty products. I know my daughter would think they were great. She’d love to try these Willa products too. Thank you for sharing about it!

  11. These products look really great, and it’s so nice that your daughter got to review them, as well!

  12. WOW! I need to check these products out. My daughter suffers from acne. When she cleans her face regularly, it looks great. But, she’s not consistent. This product sounds like it could be great for teens to enjoy using which means they might actually make it part of their daily routine!

  13. I have a teenage daughter and when she was a tween we emphasized taking care of her skin and now that she is a teenager she is vigilant on her own. Her skin is also in better shape than I think it would have been if she had not been doing the work all along.


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