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Why Moms Need Business Cards (Mommy Cards)

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When you think of business cards, do you picture a salesperson, repairman, or dentist? While people from all types of businesses use business cards to promote themselves, their primary purpose is as a reference card—to make their contact information easy to share and easy for you to store.

As a mom, you don’t have a need to promote your skills as a mother unless you are trying to convince other people to let you mother their kids. Most moms I know have their hands full with their own children and they aren’t trying to pull in more of THAT business. They do, however, share contact information with a LOT of other people and business cards (aka “mommy cards”) make that much easier.

Mommy Card 2

Mommy Card Uses

Think of the number of times you need to give someone your phone number and/or e-mail address. Here are just a few of the ways you could use a mommy card:

  • Set up a play date with child’s classmate
  • Provide to parents of your child’s friends so they have multiple ways to reach you
  • Leave with the babysitter so she has your home information to give emergency personnel, if needed and so she knows how to reach you
  • Give to new neighbors when you welcome them to the neighborhood
  • Easily exchange information with the old friend you run into at the grocery store
  • Conveniently share your contact information with the new friend you make in your yoga class
  • Skip filling in the personal contact info section of some forms (many times they can just staple your card to the form in lieu of you writing in the information)
  • Hand it to the clerk who has to type all of your information into their system—reduces the odds of typos and transposed numbers since 65% of the population are visual learners and only 30% are auditory learners
  • Attach to items that you would want returned to you if lost (e.g. in lieu of a luggage tag)
Mommy Card

Mommy Card Information

Once you’ve acknowledged the value of having a mommy card, you might be wondering what type of information you should include on it. Really, this is entirely up to you. Before you decide what to include, be clear on how you will use the cards. If it’s primarily to give to other moms and you want them to have ALL of your contact information you will clearly add more than if you will use them to get out of filling in forms. You don’t want to be constantly crossing information out that you don’t want to share, or conversely, writing in information that isn’t on the card. Once you have an idea of how you will use the cards, here are the things you might consider including on your mommy card:

  • Name
  • Spouse and/or Chiildren’s Names
  • Address
  • Home Phone
  • Cell Phone
  • E-mail Address
  • Facebook URL
  • Twitter Handle
  • Pinterest and/or Instagram User Name
  • Favorite Quote
  • Photo(s)
  • Important Medical Information (e.g. life-threatening allergies) if you are going to use for playdates and babysitters

Where To Get Mommy Cards

Several reputable companies will print mommy cards for you. Here are my favorites:

  • The Mommy Card – If you want to find a design that matches your personality perfectly, this is the place to shop. They literally have hundreds of designs including picture cards and two sided cards. Their prices are higher than the other companies on this list (most styles run $40 for 200, $60 for 500), but they deliver high-quality card stock and color printing. For those looking to make a big impression with their mommy card, this is your go-to site. I have never splurged for these so I can’t personally vouch for their quality, but their reputation is superb and they have plenty of customer testimonials to back up their products and customer service.
  • Staples – Staples has a large variety of business cards, many of which would work for mommy cards. This isn’t your least expensive option ($30 for 250, $40 for 500), but one big bonus is that you can pick up your cards at your local Staples, usually within 24 hours. So, if you’re an instant gratification type of person, this is the option for you. I have ordered my own mommy cards from Staples a couple of times (both times because I was too impatient to wait for an order to arrive) and I was really happy with them.
  • Build A Sign — Based on the name, this might not be the first place you would think of for mommy cards. That’s too bad because they are a great source for them. I recently received a free set of Wondermom Wannabe business cards from Build-A-Sign for the purpose of evaluating the product. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the cards compared to the mommy cards I have purchased from other companies in the past. The smooth finish and heavier card stock made these seem very elegant and professional. At $14 for 250 and $24 for 500, these cards are a bargain for the quality you get. They don’t offer as broad a variety of designs as the other sites, but if you are easily overwhelmed by too many options (like me!), this might be a bonus.
  • Vistaprint – If you want to get a great deal on mommy cards, this is where you want to place your order. They offer over 60 mommy card designs and you can get 500 for under $10. I ordered my last set of mommy cards from Vistaprint and they turned out fine. They looked just like the image I created online. For affordability, you won’t beat Vistaprint.

Do you already have your own mommy cards? If so, please let us know in the comments how you use yours and what you recommend.

30 thoughts on “Why Moms Need Business Cards (Mommy Cards)”

  1. I so need these! Such great ideas! It is so hard to make mommy friends!

  2. I’ve just printed mine on the computer using business card at the store – but I like the fun designs better! lol

  3. I love this and when you are a mom, you really do need something you can give out quickly and that has all the necessary info. Cute idea!

  4. I had my own blogger business cards made just recently. They come in handy when I attend events and mingle with co-parents at school. 🙂

  5. Not only are these handy, but I like them because they harken back to the old days when people used to hand out calling cards!

  6. I always thought of business cards for my blog stuff but I never thought to have cards for all this other stuff – thanks for the great ideas!

  7. I had to laugh at the first card that you shared! Living in Metropolis City! Haha. I think the mommy card is a great thing to have. No one thought of that when my daughter was young! I used to pull out a deposit slip and pass it out.

  8. I wish I would have used these when my kids were younger and involved in sports and other activities. Great idea!

  9. When my kids were younger and having constant playdates these would have been great. Now that they are older, I think blog business cards would be good too.

  10. I’ve got Mommie Cards!!! I promote my blog with them. I hand them out to family members or friends that need to get a hold of me. They are great to have. Don’t you dare go to a blogging convention without them!!!

  11. Great idea! I couldn’t use these since I’m not a mommy yet, but I do need some for my blog.

  12. I have kindof mommy cards. I have them for my blog, which relates to moms. lol

  13. I love vistaprint for their fab prices 🙂 I have some blog cards but I never seem to give them out lol x

  14. That is a GREAT idea! Oh, I could hand those out to the schools, the dr’s offices, the kids teachers, the police!!!! 😉

  15. Love those! Sharing this with those who have little ones!

  16. Yes! So true! My Mommy cards have come in handy many a times!

  17. I love the idea of mommy cards! Thanks for the suggestion on what to include on the cards that would certainly come in handy.

  18. I am absolutely in love with this idea! You need to give your name and phone number almost everywhere (kindergarten, school, other parents … ) so why not making some cards to make it easier! I should order some today 🙂

  19. I definitely need to get “mommy cards”. I just recently joined a new “mommy” group here in my area and I don’t know many of the women there. These would come in handy! Thanks!

  20. I can see this being a positive. I have business cards that I never use though so I am torn.

  21. I had totally forgotten that when my kids were little and we were doing playdates and such, my mom friends were using these!

  22. that is really a good idea.. but somehow I dont really like my friends to know I have a blog hehehe 🙂 I dont know I am more comfortable that way..

    • + all the designs are so cute (hit the post before I was finish with my comment hehe) I was thinking of making one with my blog url in it but I dont really like my friend to know I have a blog… its a nice idea though that mom’s get a card..

  23. What a great idea. I know there are so many times that people ask me for my blog url. I could give them a card with it on, plus my name, address and whatever else I want on my card. I love this idea!

  24. I can definitely see the benefits of Mom’s having a card they can hand over to various other people–

  25. It’s not a bad idea at all, and I can see many benefits too. I like the trampoline design featured here, cute!!


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