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How to Help Your Pets Stay Healthy

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For as long as I can remember, I have always had a dog in my family. I can’t imagine life without being cheerfully greeted at the door by a wagging tail or without the gentle nuzzle of a furry friend trying to comfort me when I’m sad.

Every one of our dogs has been a cherished member of the family that we love and care for and mourn when they pass away.

Evaluating What You Feed Your Pets

Last spring, I lost one of these beloved companions to cancer. After her passing, a well-meaning acquaintance suggested I might want to consider feeding our new dog a different brand of dog food since there might have been some correlation between my last dog’s diet and her illness.

I looked into it and found that there were indeed many reports claiming that the brand I was using had been tied to severe ailments in many dogs, though all of the complaints were from dog owners and unsubstantiated by studies or veterinarians.

Thus, I won’t name the dog food brand since I don’t have evidence that there is really anything wrong with it, but this investigation did get me to thinking about what I feed my pets.

Healthy Pets

I don’t know why it had never occurred to me that there might be some correspondence between my dogs’ diet and their health, aside from limiting their consumption of people food and avoiding chocolate and grapes. I suppose I trusted that dog food manufacturers would naturally avoid harmful ingredients.

Meanwhile, I’m quite careful about what I feed the rest of my family, choosing foods that are free from hormones and pesticides and other additives that I consider harmful. The reality is that for people and pets alike, a healthy diet is essential to a healthy life.

All Natural Pet Food

Go To Check Your Bag Website To Compare Dog Foods

So, I’ve started paying closer attention to the food that I am feeding my four-legged companions, and I’m not relying solely on the packaging to gather this information.

I encourage you to seek out multiple resources too. One that you might find helpful is the “Check Your Bag” website that compares several popular natural dog foods.

11 thoughts on “How to Help Your Pets Stay Healthy”

  1. When we reach home after getting tired from day to day workings, at that time pets work as a best healer to keep us fresh and healthy. I love pets a lot and thanks for this interesting post.

  2. I really love pets and this post is very informative for all those guys who have pets or planning to buy in future. Thanks @wondermom.


  3. Thank you for writing this caring post. We have two dogs (and a cat) and we do everything we can to take good care of them. I appreciate your thoughts on this. Take care of yourself too! Peace.

    • Thank you so much for stopping by Jeanne. Just from the tone of your comment, I can tell that your pets have a caring and loving owner. Peace to you too.

  4. Thanks Wondermom, this is a nice tip for pet owners. Some people just buy pets without any plans on taking care of them

    • Sadly, I think you’re right. One of our dogs (who passed away awhile ago) was abandoned by his owners because they simply got bored of him. I think a lot of people consider them a toy or plaything rather than regarding them as living beings.

  5. Thanks for the information, Corinne. My dog is a shelter dog and not a picky eater at all, so I’ve never really thought much about her food. I will now.

    • Our current dog is a rescue dog and she had terrible dandruff when we got her, which the shelter attributed to the low-quality food they use at the shelter. Amazingly, her coat cleared up in just two days once we brought her home and changed her diet. It’s amazing what a difference pet food can make!

  6. You are sure right about taking care of what they eat. Some of the same things that are in our food are in their food as well. It is our interest to be careful of what is on the table that we eat for our family which includes the pet as well. It is scarey what our processed food contains. Great post!

  7. We don’t have any pets at the moment, but I know that it is really important to take care of your pet’s health. Will share this with my friends who have pets.


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