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Five Ways to Get Rid of Closet Clutter

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Oversized, walk-in closets may be the ideal, but just because your closet is smaller doesn’t mean it has to be in squalor. There are many inexpensive ways to increase your storage space without paying for a total overhaul. From a stackable shoe rack to storage cubes, there are several clever ways to make the most of limited closet space.

Shoe racks

Shoes are some of those pieces of apparel that can take up a lot of volume. Whether you are a serious aficionado or just a casual footwear collector, anyone can benefit from adding a shoe rack to his or her closet. They prevent clutter by utilizing otherwise-wasted vertical space. Rather than a heap of shoes strewn messily on the floor, you soles can rest stacked neatly on top of each other. Stackable shoe racks come in a variety of heights and styles. Some are available in chic bamboo and resin materials while others are a more simple wire rack design. Not only do they save space, they also give a clean look to your shoes and closet.

Closet Organizers

Sometimes the way your closet is configured can cramp your style. Older closets may be fitted with just a few metal bars for hangers even though they are capable of storing much more. Expandable closet organizers are a great remedy for this. They come in different designs to suit a variety of spaces. Most offer a combination of metal rods for hanging clothes as well as shelves and sidebars to double or triple the volume of a closet without compromising neatness.

Garment Racks

If you want extra space to hang clothes, a garment rack may be the only extra storage you need. Most garment racks sit atop four small wheels and are easily moved from place to place. You can set it in your closet when you need the storage or move it into your laundry room when you need a place to hang clean clothes. Some even fitted with laundry bags. Others are adjustable in height and some even offer double racks for double the storage.

Storage Cubes

You can create different sections in your closet and make the most of unused vertical space by adding storage cubes. If your closet is particularly narrow, storage cubes can be great backups to the stackable shoe rack. They are completely customizable; you can buy them by the cube or by single wire panel to work with your dimensions. Storage cubes also work well for children’s rooms as they are budget friendly and come in a variety of vibrant colors to choose from. If you prefer to keep it neutral, you can choose from opaque or wire chrome options.

Wire Shelving

Shelving units are perfect for organizing spaces of any size and purpose. They come in stationary and mobile designs, transitioning from room to room as needed. In closets, you can use a shelving unit to organize folded clothes, hats, shoes, belts, purses, and just about anything else you can imagine. Combine them with chic storage boxes to arrange smaller items and keep the clutter at bay.

Whether your closet is undersized or simply in need of organization, these are just some of the ways to increase capacity and keep your space tidy.

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