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Peeping Moms Tour: The Master Bathroom

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You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting very often over the last few months. My husband and I made some rather abrupt lifestyle changes that involved buying our dream home which has required a lot of logistical and financial loopholes as well as hundreds of hours of hard work. But now that we’re all moved in, I’m eager to jump back in and sharing all my mistakes and lessons learned from the process.

In a very fortunate coincidence, my blogging best buddies and I decided to launch a new series to give our readers a peek inside our homes. We’re calling the series “Peeping Moms” and each month we will all reveal a room in our houses to entertain and hopefully, inspire you. Although we all get along famously, we are as different as four bloggers can get so between our four homes you will find a wide variety of style and function.


Peeping Moms


Welcome to the first edition of Peeping Moms. In our inaugural episode, we’re taking you right into the depths of our private lives–the master bathroom.


Peeping Moms Master Bath


Bathroom Maintenance

As I mentioned earlier, my husband and I recently bought our dream home. Before you waste any time being jealous, I need to let you know that along with the hefty mortgage, taxes, and insurance came A LOT of hard work. Structurally, the house was outstanding. Cosmetically, there was a lot of tweaking to do. One of our very first projects was the shower in the master bathroom.




I’m not sure the picture captures the size of the shower, but rest assured I could easily fit my entire family of six in there if we wanted to have an indoor sprinkler party. Oh, and we’d each get our own shower head since for some reason there are a total of 8 shower heads. Project one: Finding and purchasing a faucet for the rear shower unit since it was inexplicably missing. Once we fixed that problem and were finally able to use the shower, we discovered that the grout had several cracks and wasn’t sealed properly so that each time we showered, leading to a slow trickle of water in the laundry room below. That’s when my husband and I really developed disdain for the shower since “we” (my hubby) had to grind out the grout between all of those tiny floor tiles and then re-grout, rinse, seal, and caulk that monstrously large shower.

If you ever need to re-grout your bathroom, here are some important tips:

  • Cover all surfaces with drop cloths that can be easily shaken out or laundered since the dust that kicks up from scraping out the old grout will end up coating EVERYTHING.
  • Close the bathroom door while you are scraping the grout to keep the dust from spreading to other areas of the house.
  • Keep a shop vac running while you remove the grout to reduce the amount of dust in the air and on your bathroom surfaces.
  • Buy or borrow a Dremel tool with a diamond blade to scrape out the grout. Yes, the handheld tool is much cheaper but it will also take you 100 times longer.


Bathroom Organizing

One area of the bathroom that I didn’t mind being oversized, was the storage space. If you look closely at the bathroom collage at the top of the article, you’ll see that I ended up with 3 counters and a storage closet. This delighted my OCD, love-to-compartmentalize personality. I can now have a drawer devoted entirely to dental care, another for makeup, another for facial cleansers and moisturizers, one for hair accessories, and one for personal hygiene products. Here’s what I did with the cabinet:


Pretty much it’s organized from top to bottom in order of things I don’t want my kids to get into. For obvious reasons the cleaning solutions are placed highest so that no accidental ingestion of ammonia or bleach is likely to occur. Next, I probably should have put the medicine since those pose a higher poison risk than cotton products, but any mom who has ever experienced a child who’s gained access to a box of bandages, pantyliners, cotton balls or cotton swabs will understand why for my own sanity I deemed these necessary of a higher shelf (plus, I’m putting some faith into those childproof lids on the medicine). Next are my body products (lotion, powder, body mist) along with witch hazel and rubbing alcohol which I figure must be okay since I pour them all over my kids’ cuts and scrapes. There’s probably some risk associated with having hair products so low but having accidentally sprayed myself in the face with hairspray before, I’m relying on the hideous taste to prevent my kids from ingesting enough to do harm to themselves. Plus, at some point, you have to have some faith that your kids aren’t complete morons (all of mine are school-aged so the expectation of common sense isn’t preposterous). At the bottom I have towels and then extra toilet paper. I figure there’s not too much trouble the kids can get into with those items, plus it comes in handy when you’ve forgotten either one to have them easy for the kids to reach and bring to you.


Bathroom Decorating

The bathroom is done in black and white so I went with the theme and used towels and rugs that are black, white, and gray. I also purchased a black and white painting of a bath tub to hang over the …………. bathtub (so original, I know).





Budgetary constraints have prevented me from adding the remaining finishing touches. I’d like to hang a few more pictures to cover the other blank walls. And I REALLY want these adorable apothecary jars to decoratively keep my cotton balls and cotton swabs easily accessible.  Can’t you picture them in the left corner of my vanity?


Apothecary Jars


Finally, I won’t feel like the bathroom is complete until I have this candlestick arrangement adorning the corner of my tub. No, I don’t take baths, but maybe I would if I had those lovely candles beckoning to me.


Candle Arrangement


More Master Bathrooms!

Well, that’s my master bathroom. Now it’s time to go peek in on the other ladies and see what secrets they’re hiding behind their bathroom doors.


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As always, your opinions, ideas, and comments are welcome and appreciated. Please let me know what you think of this series and share your own tips for decorating and/or organizing the master bathroom. Feel free to chime in with which rooms you’d like us to reveal next too.

6 thoughts on “Peeping Moms Tour: The Master Bathroom”

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  2. Good Morning Connie, Congratulations on buying your dream home, if the bathroom is anything to go by the rest of your home will be spectacular.
    I have never seen such a large bathroom…. the shower area is amazing. Living in England our homes tend to be a lot smaller, so my bathroom is on a much smaller scale. I love the candle arrangement you have chosen for your bathroom and yes, candles around your bath sound lovely.
    Enjoy your new home.
    Best Wishes to you.

  3. Your master bath is so lovely and spa-like, And you know how much I lo-ove your organizing and how you have enough room to organize everything just the way you want. I’m excited to see more of your house next month.

  4. Hi Corinne – I think I could fit my entire house in your master bath. You forgot the picture of your favorite friend (me) soaking in your tub. And as silly as it sounds, I do love your bathtub print. It’s so perfect. In all seriousness, congratulations on your dream home and I know it’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it and a place where your beautiful family will have beautiful memories. Thanks for hanging on the Peeping Moms tour! Hugs, Holly

  5. Love, love, love the bathroom! I can understand your husband not being happy about the grout work! I did that once and it was not fun. I think your bathroom is lovely and will be even better when you complete it. I think it always takes time to find the perfect touches. I would love to know where you got the thing across the tub. I really want one of those!

    • Hi Cynthia. Thanks for all the kind words! The bathtub bookholder was a gift from my kids for Christmas a few years ago. I’m pretty sure they got it at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. You would really like it because it has a wine glass holder built in so that you can sip your wine while you soak. 🙂


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