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Peeping Moms Tour: Check Out Our Study Areas

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Last month I started a series with my beloved blogging tribe called Peeping Moms. Each month, we’re going to be showing you a different room in our homes to help inspire you in your own home.


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This month, in preparation for back-to-school season, we’re sharing our study spaces.

My Family’s Study Space

Before I reveal my family’s study space, I’d like to explain the long and painful process I went through before I arrived at what I’m sure you will find to be a very unimpressive display.

As avid readers, we have always had a dedicated library in our home. Usually, we use the space that normal people use as a living room. Stocked from floor to ceiling with books, I always thought this made the ideal location to inspire studying and homework. So, we always put a desk in the library to encourage our children to expand their academic horizons there.

It took me years to realize that though they would certainly go to the library to retrieve supplies (e.g. pencils, paper, a dictionary), there was no breaking them of the habit of doing homework at the kitchen table where they could spread their work out and still be within earshot of everything everyone else was doing.

I finally decided to stop fighting my family’s natural habits and instead, embraced them. It’s actually much more convenient to have the kids working on homework at the kitchen table while I’m getting dinner ready since I can easily answer questions while I chop vegetables.

To save the kids the trouble of traipsing through the house to the library to sharpen a pencil or get more paper, I put everything they use for doing homework in a utensil caddy that I keep in the kitchen.


Study Space


I found this little caddy at Sam’s Club a couple of years ago and I used it exactly once for an outdoor BBQ. I’m getting a lot more use out of it using it to hold school supplies than I ever did when I had it stocked with plastic utensils, paper plates and napkins. It’s amazing how many school supplies it can hold too! If you look carefully at the picture you’ll see:

Pretty unremarkable compared to some of the other study spaces I’ve spent hours creating for my kids, but it’s definitely easy and it’s what works for my family.

Now, let’s take a peek at my friends’ study areas.


See Cynthia’s warm and inviting study space on Feeding Big:

Feeding Big Study




Check out Susan’s organized and uncluttered study space on Organized 31.


Organized 31 Study

Finally, you’ll love Holly’s “No Distraction Study Zone” on Coconut Head’s Survival Guide.


5 thoughts on “Peeping Moms Tour: Check Out Our Study Areas”

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  2. Hi Corinne – We are showing our dedicated homework station, but there are times when the kitchen counter seems to be the most logical place. Especially when after school homework is always at the same time as dinner prep! Thanks for being a part of the Peeping Moms tour! Hugs, Holly

  3. You’re so smart to make a portable homework caddy and study where is best for your family. When my kids were younger they liked to study at the kitchen table, too. Now that they have more homework that requires the computer, they end up in the study.

  4. You are so smart! My daughter always did her school work on the sofa, kitchen table or even on the floor! I know your kids will be happy to sit where all the excitement is going on. After all, they are used to always being in a group of kids while in school, so why try something different at home? Great caddy by the way!

  5. what a great idea! I think im going to drag out an old desk i have and get a pillow for an old chair I have and look at organizing,
    thanks Corinne 🙂


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