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All Natural DIY Healing Salve To Nourish Your Skin

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This DIY Healing Salve is made with all natural products and works well for so many things! The soothing ingredients in this healing salve will nourish your skin and the essential oils used each have distinctive healing properties.

DIY Healing Salve in a container next to a glass jar of roses on a paper and wood table

How to Use DIY Healing Salve

Because I’m a compulsive hand washer, I use this DIY healing salve to nurture my dry, cracked skin. I just rub some into the backs of my hands after washing dishes and at night before bed.

This DIY healing salve is far more than a hand cream though! Because of the antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities of the oils in this salve, you can use the salve for soothing minor cuts and scrapes and minor burns.

DIY Healing Salve in a container next to some roses on a dotted cloth

This balm also works great on insect bites and bee stings. The tea tree oil, eucalyptus and lemon oil also keep bugs at bay so smooth some on as a natural bug repellant that also happens to moisturize your skin!

Finally, due to the antiviral properties of some of the oils, this salve can also help treat warts and cold sores.

About the Oils Used in This Recipe

I’ve chosen specific oils for this recipe based on their distinctive properties. Here are the essential oils I used and why I included them:

Tea tree oil: Contains terpinen-4-ol which has been shown to have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties (Healthline) also used to repel insects

Lavender oil: Antiseptic properties, aids in the healing of minor burns and bug bites (Medical News Today)

Frankincense coil: Astringent properties and an anticoagulant to help stop bleeding (Organic Facts)

Lemon essential oil: Reduces cell and tissue damage, effective against blisters, insect bites, cuts, and viral infections (Dr. Axe)

Eucalyptus essential oil: Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antiviral and insecticidal properties to repel bugs, reduce pain, and moisturize skin (Up Nature)

If you’re interested in growing any of these plants yourself so you can use their oil, check out the Top 10 Medicinal Plants and Herbs to Grow at Home.

How to Make DIY Healing Salve

What You’ll Need

containers and bowls of coconut oil, olive oil, beeswax, essential oils and some are empty all on a red and white checkered cloth on a table

Step 1: Coconut Oil

Add half a cup of coconut oil to a medium glass bowl.

coconut oil being poured from one glass bowl to another on a table

Step 2: Olive Oil

Next, add half a cup of olive oil to the bowl with the coconut oil.

olive oil being poured from a glass bowl to a glass bowl of coconut oil on a wood table

Step 3: Beeswax

Add 1/4 cup of beeswax pellets to the bowl.

beeswax pellets being poured from a bowl to a glass bowl with oil in it

Place the bowl in the microwave and heat in 30-second increments until the pellets have melted. Stir the ingredients together.

Step 4: Essential Oils

Add 2 to 3 drops of each essential oil to the bowl.

Step 5: Package

Now it’s time to pour the salve into containers. You can pour it all into one larger container if you want to keep a jar in a central location where it can be easily found.

pouring the salve from the glass bowl into a smaller glass container on a wood table

I prefer to portion it into several smaller containers so I can keep one in my purse, one in the car, another in my bathroom, etc.

Don’t worry that the salve is a liquid. It will solidify as it cools.

DIY Healing Salve in a container next to some white flowers on a metal tray

Since the salve will melt and return to a liquid if it gets too warm, store it in a cool place. If it does melt, just pop it in the refrigerator to cool it down again and it will solidify quickly.

DIY healing salve next to white flowers on a metal tray

Free Printable DIY Healing Salve Label

If you’re giving this DIY Healing Salve as a gift, or simply want to dress up your own container, you can use these free printable labels.

DIY healing salve next to white flowers on a metal tray

First, open the file –>> DIY Healing Salve Labels

Save the file if you want to keep a copy on your computer. Then, you can print the labels on sticker paper.

Simply cut out each label, remove the protective backing, and stick one label on each lid. Or, skip the sticker paper, print on regular paper and then glue each label onto the lids.

The labels fit perfectly on 4 ounce cosmetic jars.

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