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Free Printable College Packing List

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My oldest child is starting college this Fall. As many people told me, the past 18 years went by in a flash. To keep my fears and tears at bay since graduation day, I’ve distracted myself with planning with a small dose of shopping. Today I’m sharing the College Packing List I’ve created to help send my “baby” out into the world.

College Packing List For Living In A Dorm

One important note, since my rising college freshman will be living in the dorms, my list is geared towards college dorm life.

Most universities and colleges have information on their sites about what items are allowed/prohibited in dorm rooms as well as items that are provided or available on site. I strongly urge you to consult those lists in conjunction with the list below.

Download the Packing List

Residence Hall Linens Delivers To The Dorm

I ended up ordering a lot of my son’s necessities from a site that delivers the items directly to the dorm room so that we don’t have to pack it and move it cross-country. I don’t have any type of affiliate relationship with this company, so I don’t get any benefit from sharing their information with you other than the joy of sharing a great resource.

The company is called Residence Hall Linens and they have tons of different designs and packages from which to choose and I found the pricing very competitive.

Basic Office Supplies For College Students

Special thanks to Organized 31 for sharing her post on Basic Office Supplies for College Students, which I used to round out my college packing list.

With one student already in college and another on her way, her experience and hindsight has been super helpful to me. You’ll find great advice on her site to help you stay connected with and supportive of your college student all year.

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Look forward to lots of posts on parenting a college student from me this year. I have a feeling I’m going to need to distract myself from the absence of my first born while he is away at college. If you’ve already sent your own children off to college, please share any of your tips and advice in the comments. I’d love to learn from you!

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