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Tips for making your Christmas merry

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In the hustle and bustle of the holidays and frenzied sessions on Hammacher Schlemmer, it is easy to forget about what is truly important: celebrating the Christmas spirit.

You are tired, frazzled, and worried about getting everything done and done right. As a result, you are always irritable and snapping at your kids and spouse for every little thing.

It is hardly a conducive atmosphere for the holidays. Here are some ways to put the merry back in your Christmas.

Make Christmas decorations

Forget about rushing to the mall to buy Christmas decorations. Raid the attic or basement for old or mismatched Christmas ornaments, break out your craft box, and get your kids to help you make new ones.

Let them have a free hand; it is their house, too, after all. It will give you a chance to slow down, bond with your kids, and save a little money. You can also try this experiment with salt and ice, just for fun.

Watch a Christmas special

Immerse yourself in feel-good movies about Christmas. “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” are always good choices.

Anything that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling will do.

Make hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is guaranteed to lift your spirits, with or without marshmallows. The smell alone is enough to make you happy, and chocolate is a natural mood enhancer because of the serotonin and other “happy” hormones it releases in the brain.

Add in a little nutmeg, and you will wonder what you were stressing about in the first place.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year if you learn to relax. Granted that there are things to do and places to go; in the end, what is it all about? Christmas is about family, and celebrating the joy of being together during such an important occasion. Make your home a merry place for Christmas, and you are already a winner.

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