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Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

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Coffee lovers are typically pretty easy to shop for since they are always happy to receive gourmet coffee or a coffee shop gift card. If you want your gift to stand out from the dozens of other people who are giving your favorite coffee lover exactly that, there are over a dozen other ways you can delight coffee lovers AND enhance their daily coffee experience. You can find these ideas right here in my guide of the best gifts for coffee lovers.

a collage of 12 coffee gifts on a white background with title text reading Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers

I’m going to start with the gift you probably assumed I wouldn’t include since every coffee lover already has an abundance of them – a coffee mug. If you are going to purchase an ordinary mug, then yes, skip it and move on to another item further down this list.

However, when you know people well, choosing a cup that suits their personality will bring a smile to their face every time they use the mug. For example, I literally have more coffee mugs than I can fit in the cabinet where I store them but I’m still hoping someone in my family will buy this mug for me.
a coffee mug with lines on it that have text reading shh, almost, now you may speak
I love the mug because we often joke in my family about my coffee addiction and how unapproachable I am before I’ve had my first cup in the morning. This “coffee comes first” attitude is pretty common among coffee addicts, which is what makes this bracelet such a great gift for your favorite female coffee drinker.

bracelet with coffee charms and one with text reading coffee is always a good idea

And while I’m on the topic of female-specific coffee gifts, I have to bring up something I recently learned about coffee. If you use it topically (as opposed to drinking it), it is actually a great exfoliator and cellulite diminisher! So, consider this coffee scrub and coffee body butter set for one of your favorite coffee loving girlfriends.
coffee scrub and body butter
Another uncommon fact about coffee is that the grounds are an amazing eco-friendly and efficient alternative to wood for your fireplace. Java Logs are made from recycled coffee grounds, emitting a wonderful aroma while they burn brightly.
java logs
If your coffee lover doesn’t have a fireplace, he or she can still enjoy the aroma anytime with a coffee scented candle. This assortment has 3 amazing scents that will make home smell like a coffee shop.
3 different coffee scented candles
Of course, making coffee is the best (and most preferred method for coffee lovers) to enjoy the aroma of coffee. That’s why, on my wishlist this year is this AeroPress Coffee Maker.

It not only brews an extraordinary cup of coffee, it also comes with a tote bag so I can bring it with me anywhere. No more crying when I travel and realize the hotel room doesn’t have a coffee maker.
AeroPress coffee maker
For coffee lovers who prefer simplicity, this Chemex coffeemaker is ideal. It’s natural and simple design is deceptive since it is recognized as one of the best designed products of modern times. No moving parts and yet it brews a phenomenal cup of coffee.
Chemex coffee maker
For coffee drinkers who harbor a secret desire to become a barista, this electric milk frother and warmer is an affordable way to help him or her enjoy coffee shop style beverages at home.
electric milk frother
Your favorite coffee drinker loves cappuccinos but isn’t aspiring to become a barista? Opt instead for this handheld frother.

handheld frother

Remember earlier when I said you don’t want to buy coffee for a coffee lover if you are trying to stand out from the crowd? There’s an exception (just like with the coffee mug). If you give them coffee that makes a big impression, it is a perfectly acceptable gift.

I LOVE Crazy Cups assortments because they do just that! They come in unusual flavors like peanut butter & jelly and banana foster flambe that reviewers rave about.
crazy cups coffee pod assortment

Another great stocking stuffer for coffee lovers are coffee magnets. I love this set because it has so many of my favorite coffee sayings.

coffee magnets

Another of my favorite coffee sayings, on a tin sign.
a tin sign with a graphic of a lady holding a cup of coffee and text reading drink coffee do stupid things faster with more energy
One thing I hate when I am brewing coffee without a K-cup is trying to figure out how much coffee to use. I’m also not thinking clearly and a little bit lazy before I have my first cup of coffee so it doesn’t always occur to me to dig out the right measuring spoon. Problem solved with this coffee measuring scoop that also doubles as a bag clip that I can use to seal my bag of coffee!
coffee measuring spoon and coffee beans
I go through coffee too quickly to worry about it not staying fresh, but for those coffee lovers who enjoy an occasional cup of joe, the coffee vault provides air-tight storage for up to 16 ounces of coffee.
coffee vault storage container
I hope you’ve found some inspiration for gifting the coffee lovers in your life.

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  1. Dang girl!!! I love coffee and I had no idea some of this stuff existed!!! Coffee in my fireplace?? What??? I’m on it! And all those kcup flavors? Thanks for the links, since I’m also too lazy to look these up myself.


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