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7 Awesome Alternative Uses for Bed Sheets

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With a few minutes and an idea, you can bet that these alternative uses for bed sheets will give those extra, useless sheets a new life in your home.

Did you pass up those awesome sheets on clearance that you found just because they didn’t fit your bed? Too bad, because after you learn these 7 awesome alternative uses for bedsheets, you’re going to want all the sheets for all the things.

Whether you need a dog bed cover or garden protection, there are so many ways to use bed sheets that are not just for sleeping on.

If you’re ready to find out how those old or “too small” sheets can come in handy, well, let’s do this!

folded stacked bedsheets on a black table

7 Awesome Alternative Uses for Bed Sheets

When you’re out shopping and you see those clearance bed linen, you might want to think twice about walking on past. There are so many great ideas for using bedsheets creatively.

Dog Bed Cover

If you have an old crib mattress cover, they are perfect for dog bed covers–particularly for larger dog beds. This will add a layer of protection to your dog’s bed in case of accidents, if they shed or just if they are, well, doggy.

If your dog has a bed that doesn’t have a removable cover this idea is an absolute must. Not only will you be able to freshen their bed more often, but having a sheet fitted around the bed will help prevent needing to wash the entire bed in the even of a little mess like muddy paws.

I wouldn’t necessarily use the top sheet for this, but fitted sheets are perfect.

several stacked folded sets of bed sheets on a black table


A flat sheet makes a great tablecloth, even in your fancy dining room. This is a tip that I’ve used when staging my house for sale.

Just take the pretty patterned sheets and fold them to where it’s perfectly sized for the table. You can cover the entire table if you’re hiding the fact that you’re using a card table as a stand in table when staging. Or you can just set it up like a big welcoming meal is about to be set out.

You can also use a flat sheet for a tablecloth over a picnic table for a fun party. To make it “waterproof” and a little easier to clean, you can toss a shower curtain or drop cloth under the sheet for an extra layer of protection–then you just have to wash the sheet when you’re done.

Or, on a windy day, can you imagine the awesomeness of having a fitted sheet tucked around the edge of a table? Wow! No more chasing condiments that have flown off the table.

Garden Protection

Never toss old sheet sets, if you’re into gardening at all. If you have a garden, you can lay the sheet over your plants to prevent damage from frost. Just fold the sheet up and store in the garden shed until you need it again.

This eliminates the need to rush out and buy plastic bags for this purpose when the temperature drop surprises you.

folded stack of bed linens

Cleaning Rags

You can also cut an old sheet into strips up to make cleaning rags–reducing the need to use paper towels all the time. This is a great alternative use for bed sheets that are on the thicker side, such as flannel sheets.

If you want to make them a little more fancy, you can always sew a hem around the edges. But, if you’re just looking for a quick rag that you’re not worried about ruining, just cut it up and use that new rag until it’s completely threadbare!

This is literally my favorite idea, because I can even cut up pretty patterned sheets, sew the edges, and I have a neat and totally unique gift in a pinch.

Quilt Backing

Thin sheets make excellent quilt backing. If you find inexpensive bed sheets on clearance, grab them. You can also cut them up to make squares for quilting, depending on the quality of the sheets.

This is particularly nice if you have old flannel sheets because, frankly, those make amazing backing on quilts. Just use a flat sheet, though, because fitted sheets just don’t make sense.

Then, when your quilt is folded up on the foot of the bed, it will be super soft, just like your sheets–because it’s your old sheets.

Heating Pad

Cut a square of fabric from an old sheet and sew a small rectangle, leaving a small portion of the top un-sewn. Fill this pocket with rice and then sew that last bit shut. When you need a heating pad, put the bag into the microwave and heat. This makes an excellent heating pad.

And, when it gets really cold outside, you have a safe hand warmer you can take with you in the car!

Oh, or if you need a way to keep the kids warm on a wintery walk around the block with the dog–just pop one of these little heating pads into the microwave, then let them play with it. They’ll stay toasty warm while your doggo does his business.

close up shot of blue patterned bed sheets to represent other uses for bed sheets

Projector Screen

Last, but not least, during the warmer months, hang a white sheet on the side of your house or garage to use as a projector screen. This is an excellent use for old sheets.

You can even do this inside the house, on a large wall. It’s perfect for movie nights with the kids–and a home theater is just one old bedsheet away!

If you’re having trouble getting the sheet to be wrinkle-free, you can iron it or steam it while it’s hanging. To get the sheet to be less wiggly, tack it to the wall in more places than just the four corners, stretching it a little to get it nice and tight.

Bonus Ideas for Using Bed Linens

While I was writing this, I came up with some more fun ideas for using old bed sheets.

  • Sleeping Bag Liners – Can you imagine not having to wash a sleeping bag every single time you use it?!
  • Reusable Shopping Bag – That would be such an easy idea and perfect for going greener!
  • Picnic Blankets – Can’t believe I didn’t think of this before.
  • Duvet Cover – Yeah, you could repurpose bed sheets into a duvet cover. Genius.

Bed sheets aren’t just for beds. You can make a movie projector screen or even a tablecloth. If you love to craft with fabric, bed sheets can also be a great source of inexpensive fabric.

Just get creative with it–and don’t pass up that awesome clearance sale!

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If you love these ideas for using old bed linen, be sure to pin this to your favorite DIY ideas board on Pinterest, so you can find it again later.

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  1. A full size sheet can be cut down to fit a twin bed or two twin sheets can be sewn together to create a full or queen sheet.

  2. This seems really useful, I go camping a lot and using a bedsheet as a sleeping bag lining should be really helpful. Washing and drying a camping sleeping bag can be quite hard at times. Thanks.


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