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The Ultimate Mom’s Guide to Prepare for Winter

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Winter brings special challenges like seasonal colds and harsh weather. Be ready with this printable guide that will help you prepare for winter.

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Winter can be a hard time of year. It brings shorter days, viral sickness, freezing temperatures, and hazardous driving conditions. The good news is, we already know to expect these things so we can make a plan to deal with them!

While you may not be able to protect your family members from catching a cold, you can be prepared to nurse them through it so they don’t suffer so badly. Likewise, you can’t keep a winter storm from knocking out your electricity. But, you can turn the event into a fun indoor campout if you’ve got a good stock of firewood, warm blankets, and candles and flashlights.

Printable Guide to Help You Prepare for Winter

This 10-page guide has everything you need to prepare for winter. Here’s what’s included:

  • Cold and Flu Supplies – make sure you have everything you need to treat a cold or flu on hand when it hits so you can provide immediate relief without dashing to the store
  • Storm Preparation Supply Checklist – a list of all the supplies to keep in your car and at home so getting snowed in or caught in a snowdrift isn’t worse than it has to be
  • Sick Day Tracking Sheet – keep the school and doctor’s name readily available and keep track of which days your child misses to make it easier to request homework assignments and write the excuse note when your child returns to school
  • Symptom Checklist – a handy sheet for noting your child’s symptoms and record his or her temperature before you call the nurse helpline or go to the doctor
  • Medication Log – no more wondering whether it’s been long enough since your child’s last dose, easily keep track of how much of which medicine you gave at what time
  • Snow Day Fun Ideas – two dozen ideas to make the most of the next snow day
  • Winter Planning Sheets – make winter more enjoyable by planning activities to take advantage of more indoor time
    • Books to read
    • Shows to watch
    • Recipes to try
    • Pay it forward ideas
    • Things to do
    • Self-care intentions

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