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10 Ways to Prepare and Serve Quinoa

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As an aspiring superhero, I’m pretty much obsessed with anything that has the word “super” in it. That’s probably why I’m constantly trying to incorporate superfoods into my diet. My latest passion is quinoa – a protein-rich, gluten-free grain. It has a mild taste with a rich texture which makes it the perfect grain to use in so many different kinds of dishes. How versatile is it? Check out these 10 different ways to prepare and serve quinoa from sun up to sun down.

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For Breakfast

Because quinoa contains a good combination of both carbs and protein, it’s a wonderful food to fuel your mornings and keep you satisfied for hours. Replace oatmeal with a hot bowl of quinoa. Or, make up a big batch of quinoa pancakes and keep them in the freezer for an easy breakfast on busy mornings. Quinoa and egg breakfast muffins are another easy grab-and-go breakfast.

As an Appetizer

Just because you have company coming over doesn’t mean you have to abandon your healthy cooking habits. Most people don’t even realize they’re noshing on a superfood as they munch away on these tasty quinoa pizza bites.

Quinoa-Pizza-Bites on a white tray next to sauce in a white bowl


If you aren’t trying to hide the nutritional impact of your appetizer, mini quinoa veggie bites are tasty AND full of healthy ingredients.

As a Salad

The very first time I had quinoa, it was as a salad very similar to this quinoa salad with black beans and lime vinaigrette. The slightly nutty flavor of quinoa works with so many other flavors though, you can enjoy several different varieties.

Quinoa-Black-Bean-Lime-Vinaigrette in a white bowl on a dark brown table next to peppers, limes, and cabbage

Some of my favorite quinoa salads are:

In a Bowl

Quinoa is a wonderful mid-day meal. The easiest way to enjoy quinoa at lunch is in a bowl. Once again, quinoa shows off its versatility.

Homemade-falafel-quinoa-bowls in a white bowl next to a fork with some tomatoes and other ingredients in the background

Check out some of the dozens of different ways you can enjoy a quinoa bowl:

As a Soup

During colder months, a hearty quinoa soup is a satisfying lunch alternative.

If you’re cooking lunch for a crowd, slow cooker veggie quinoa chowder is an excellent choice. I’m also a big fan of quinoa bean chili.

Quinoa-Bean-Chili in a white bowl with a galss bowl of lemons on  a white background


As a Patty

As long as we’re on the subject of quinoa for lunch, we should mention all the great recipes for quinoa patties. If you like Italian food, you’ll love these pesto quinoa patties.

Pesto Quinoa Patties stacked on a white plate on a brown table

Cheesy quinoa cakes and crispy quinoa patties are a tasty vegetarian alternative to crab or tuna cakes. And black bean quinoa veggie burgers are a wonderful stand-in for traditional burgers on Meatless Mondays.

As Stuffing

One of my favorite ways for incorporating quinoa into family meals is to use it as stuffing in recipes.

You can also try one of these recipes for a healthy, hearty dinner:

As a Side Dish

Quinoa also makes a great side dish in place of rice, potatoes or bread. This nutty almond sesame quinoa makes a great side for Asian dishes.

Nutty-Almond-Sesame-Quinoa in a white bowl on a brown table

For Taco Tuesday, I like to make Instant Pot Quinoa Black Bean Salad.

Quinoa with beans and kale adds a superfood boost to any meal. And Quinoa with beans and kale is a side dish so satisfying, it will steal the show no matter what you serve as an entree.

In a Casserole

Quinoa is a great sidekick, but it can also be the star of a meal. Tex Mex lovers should try this quinoa enchilada bake or this Mexican quinoa bake.

Lemon Kale Quinoa Chicken is one of my favorites, not only because it’s so healthy, but because it tastes amazing!

lemon kale quinoa chicken on a white plate

And this  chicken broccoli quinoa casserole is one of my favorite dinner recipes.

If you prefer stovetop cooking to oven baking, try this Cajun chicken and quinoa skillet or this chicken, bacon, broccoli quinoa skillet.

For Dessert

If you visit here often, you know I have a demanding sweet tooth so of course I have to share some of my favorite quinoa desserts! The one I feel the least guilty about is apple date quinoa porridge because it contains virtually NO “bad” ingredients.

If you’re working a superfood into your dessert, you really shouldn’t feel guilty anyway! So, enjoy some avocado quinoa brownies or quinoa chocolate chip cookies.


Chocolate Chip Quinoa Cookies on a white background

Do you have a favorite quinoa dish? Share the link to the recipe in the comments.

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  1. So many great recipes, Corinne. I enjoy quinoa, but have never really cooked it much. I love all of the ideas you shared here and am especially interested in the cookies! I am a lover of sweets and I am sure I would enjoy these.


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