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Fun Indoor Stuff to Do as a Family

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If you’re looking for fun indoor stuff to do as a family, you’ll find some great ideas below! The indoor games below are great activities for all ages and will create lasting family memories.

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Once upon a time, mothers were the ones who stayed at home and cared for the kids all day. However, in this day and age, our time seems to be spent running around from place to place with rarely a time to just relax with our loved ones.

From work, errands, household chores, and frantically mixing something up for dinner. It seems that at times we don’t have time to really spend with our kids.

Have you ever wondered what you could do with your kids to make a lasting impression so that even when they are adults they will remember it? Or maybe you just have a rainy day off and instead, want to take a break from the TV and computers.

Let’s have a moment that they won’t forget any time soon! There’s plenty of fun indoor stuff to do as a family. Here we have six, easy and cheap activities for your bundles of joy to do with you.

Fun Indoor Stuff to Do as a Family

First Act: Imagination

Imagination Fort

Pillows, blankets, and something sturdy enough to hold it all up. That’s all you need to have a fun time with your kiddos.

Bring in some books, dangle some Christmas lights, or even make some smores for a fun snack in your fort. From tons of pillows, a pile of blankets, forts can be made out of anything in your dining room to your living room. The ideas are endless when it comes to fort making.

an inside play fort with pillows inside and lights

Home Cinema

Lights! Blankets! Action! Parents, make some popcorn while your kids make the “tickets” you need to enter the cinema (or your darkened living room).

You can trade your currency (maybe pennies or nickels depending on the age of your child) for some homemade tickets and have your child guide you to your seats using a flashlight. We’ve also included an informative link about how to make your own movies!

Second Act: Games and More Games!

Board Games

That classic family enjoyment pastime. If you’re anything like my family, who are all competitive, you’re in for a good time just playing some family-friendly board games.

Uno, Sorry, Trouble, or even Monopoly. You could also make your own games if you wanted to with cardboard and markers.

I’ll let you be the judge on what is good for you and your kiddo to enjoy.

a mom, dad and two young kids at a table playing Jenga

Lego Build-a-thon

Time to get your Lego on! Build your greatest masterpieces using nothing, but Legos! You can be the judge or the competitor, either way, you are in for a great time seeing what you can create and letting your child’s imagination soar with this fun game! Be careful not to step on any pieces though (ouch)!

Third Act: Food


Let’s get creative in the kitchen. Keeping it all age appropriate you can have them knead the dough (or unroll it), spread the sauce, and place the yummy toppings.

To make it even better, try making personal pizzas. This way you and your child (or children) each have your own delicious masterpiece!

pepperoni and cheese pizzas in heart shaped pans on a wood table

Indoor Treasure Hunt

Arrr, Matey! There be treasure hiding within this building. Time to get even more creative with the easy and cheap way to keep your little ones busy.

Make a treasure map and have it lead to different areas all over the house, maybe leading to pieces of a key that they must give to you (the Genie) to get the prize. There are a lot of ways you can spin this game from a normal treasure hunt to even a scavenger hunt.

A Fun Way to End the Day

Of course, there are more activities you can do with your children, but for me, these seem like the best for any age group! It’s always nice to make some memories whenever and however you can.

This is a good way to build some of those childhood memories with the whole family. So, take a look at what you can do and what you have around the house, you can make a fun time out of anything!

We hope this article gave you some ideas for fun indoor stuff to do with your kiddos the next time it rains! Happy playing!

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