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Random Acts of Kindness for Your Husband

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Doing random acts of kindness is something that improves the lives of everyone involved. I see so many amazing ideas of random acts of kindness that people can do for strangers.  Sometimes the people closest to us need kindness more than anyone! Have you thought to do any random acts of kindness for your husband lately?

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Random Acts of Kindness for Your Husband

Doing random acts of kindness for your husband can really help you reconnect to your spouse. It takes a lot of hard work to keep a marriage strong and letting your husband know you are thinking of him can make a big difference.

Many random acts of kindness are simple, easy acts to just make someone’s day a little bit brighter.  There are endless ideas of things you can do for your husband.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Do One of “His” Chores for Him

Most couples have certain “chores” or household duties that are assigned to them. At my house my husband takes out the trash cart every Monday night and puts it away when he gets home from work on Tuesday.

It is really easy for me to do this chore for him occasionally.  There have been a lot of nights he has had to work late and I have taken the trash cart out.  He always seems grateful for this small deed. It really is the little things!

So what is one of your hubbies chores that you could easily do for him this week?

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Leave Him a Note of Encouragement

Everyone likes to be encouraged. Couples get busy and when there are children involved life can be downright crazy. I am not always the encouraging wife I need to be. One area I have been working on personally is to be more encouraging to my husband.

It is super easy to leave him an encouraging note on his bathroom counter, in his car, by his coffee cup, etc. This note should thank him for all he does for your family and talk about how much you appreciate him!

Give Him a Surprise Massage

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love getting a massage. Surprise your husband one evening with a massage. You can even use some massage coupons if you want to be a little bit more creative.

Movie Night–He Picks the Movie

I am going to be honest here…I usually get to pick the movies.  My husband is really generous with letting me have a big say in what we watch.  One random act of kindness I can do for my husband is to let him pick the movie we rent or go see!

This would even work for just watching a movie on Netflix during a daytime date at home!

I made up some fun You Pick The Movie coupons to make this random act of kindness even better! You can download a copy and use these to do random acts of kindness for your husband too!

Just click this link or the image below to download these free printable You Pick The Movie coupons –>> You Pick The Movie Printable


free printable your pick the movie coupons for your husband

What are Your Favorite Random Acts of Kindness for Your Husband?

So what do you like to do to make your husband’s day? I am always looking for new ideas to show my husband extra love and appreciation, like the ideas in this Month of Acts of Kindness for a Stronger Marriage post.


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3 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness for Your Husband”

  1. I like to be creative, so I try to create something – like a cardboard tree, paint it and hand some encouraging messages there. Or I like leaving nice notes on the mirror.

  2. I hide my husband’s favorite candy in various places throughout the house when I’m away. He says it’s like an Easter egg hunt! But I think I have to make my hiding spots a little easier… he just found one I’d left five weeks ago. ?


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