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Organize and Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom with These Simple Steps

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Last Updated on September 17, 2020 by Corinne Schmitt

As parents, our top priority is to make sure that our kids are comfortable while they are staying at home. That is why we need to make sure that their bedrooms are organized and well-kept all the time. With a clean bedroom, you can always be sure that they sleep soundly at night and wake up with a more positive vibe.

But with our very busy schedule, it seems that this chore can be a very difficult task. And it is not just their rooms that you need to worry about; you also need to make sure that every nook in your home is also clean. But don’t fret too much, because here is a short guide that will help you remove the clutter from kid’s room in a more hassle-free and fun manner.

  1. Install some blinds

Home accessories such as Venetian blinds or roller blinds are great for keeping excessive sunlight away from your kid’s room. This is usually installed on bathroom and kitchen windows, but you can also use it in the bedroom. Blinds can keep your kid’s bedroom comfortable during the summer and it also provides them some privacy. When you close the blinds at night, they won’t be too scared about that boogeyman that’s peeking at their window.

  1. Consider your kid’s viewpoint

A design that works for an adult bedroom may not be totally effective when you apply it on your kid’s room. So make sure that you consider your child’s vantage point whenever you are organizing the storage space, furniture, and accessories.

Keep in mind that their hands are smaller than yours, so you need to purchase smaller furniture for their room. Avoid putting closet doors to prevent their fingers from getting pinched. Clothing rods should be lowered, and use open containers for storing their toys.

  1. Sort their belongings

Even though a kid’s bedroom is small, you might be surprised at how disheveled it can be. To make things easier, sort out their belongings first and remove the ones that they don’t really need. You can start with their drawers. Do they have any apparel that they’ve outgrown? It’s best if you just give them to charity. If your child has an over abundance toys, you can store the ones that he don’t really play with, and then keep them in another room. Let him choose the toys that need to stay.

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8 thoughts on “Organize and Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom with These Simple Steps”

  1. Great tips! I just got done moving my daughter’s room to the spare bedroom, to turn her room into the nursery. I definitely had to sort and purge her toys. It is amazing how much stuff accumulates in such a short amount of time!

    • I know what you mean Andrea. As a military family we move every 2-4 years and I’m amazed everytime at how much we accumulate in that short time. I’m almost afraid to settle down in one place because at least the frequent moves force us to purge every few years!

  2. Great tips. We tried to keep my daughter’s room as organized as possible. I would go through her closets and drawers at the change of the season and get rid of things to help.

    • We do the same Cynthia. The kids grow so fast that we don’t usually get more than one season out of their clothes. We usually hold onto just a few in case of the rare, but unavoidable, unseasonable weather.

  3. We don’t have kids yet, but lots of nephews and nieces 🙂
    Some of them are very strong minded when it comes to cloths, and sometime they can make a real mess until they choose what to wear in the morning. Their parents let them just to develop their own choices.

    • LOL. Parents have to pick their battles. My daughter has definitely gone to school in winter boots, a skirt and short sleeved shirt, a boldly patterned scarf and hat because I decided it was more important to let her express herself via her wardrobe and get her homework and chores done instead.

  4. You know I love to organize my kids rooms and all their stuff as often as I can. I’ve always thought it was important to let them choose what items to keep and which to let go so they learn decision making skills (with mom’s coaching) and have a sense of security and control over their belongings (no matter how insignificant I may think they are).

    • I used to bear resentment towards my mother for weeks when I would come home to find she had “cleaned” my room and discarded whatever she wanted at will. It was not only a violation of my privacy, but also made me feel as if my feelings and opinions didn’t matter at all. This is not a message I want to send to my kids.


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