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Martial Arts Inspired Workout You Can Do At Home

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I’m a fickle girl. I get bored very easily and unfortunately for me, my body adapts very quickly to changes so I can’t settle into a diet or routine for very long before it stops working for me. Because of this, I am constantly changing up my exercise routine and trying new things. One of my favorite workout styles to toss into the mix when I’m feeling a little stale is anything martial arts.

The best part of martial arts workouts is that they are FUN! They are especially great for us secret ninjas who fantasize about incapacitating a mugger. They also allow us to work out some aggression. I can’t be the only mom who has wanted to punch the wall after a “rare” day of backtalking children who leave everything they own laying around all over the house and cannot remember a single chore without being reminded six times, can I?

Enticed by this idea, but not willing to cram yourself into the overcrowded kickboxing class at the gym or to dedicate the next three years to earning a black belt? No worries! Here’s a workout that will let you enjoy all the joy of pretending to beat up an assailant, which you can do in the privacy of your own home.

Important Note: Throughout this workout, keep your core (abdominals) engaged and the rest of your body relaxed, especially your knees and elbows.


  • 20 alternating jabs (10/arm)
  • 20 alternating hooks (10/arm)
  • 20 alternating uppercuts (10/arm)
  • 20 alternating front kicks (10/leg)
  • 20 alternating side kicks (10/leg)
  • 20 alternating rear kicks (10/leg)
  • 10 left leg knee strikes
  • 10 right leg knee strikes
  • 20 bob and weaves (10/side)

Workout Part 1

  1. Right jab, left hook, right uppercut – Repeat 8 times
  2. Left jab, right hook, left uppercut – Repeat 8 times
  3. Left knee strike, right rear kick – Repeat 8 times
  4. Right knee strike, left rear kick – Repeat 8 times
  5. Repeat 1-4 twice more

Workout Part 2

  1. Right jab, left jab, front kick – Repeat 8 times
  2. Bob and weave left, right hook, bob and weave right, left hook – Repeat 8 times
  3. Right uppercut, left uppercut, alternating rear kick – Repeat 8 times
  4. Left side kick, right side kick – Repeat 8 times
  5. Repeat 1-4 twice more

Workout Part 3

  1. Right front kick, left side kick, right rear kick – Repeat 8 times
  2. Left front kick, right side kick, left front kick – Repeat 8 times
  3. Keep legs and hips facing forward, turn torso to the right and punch to the right with your left hand, then turn torso to the left and punch to the left with your right hand – Repeat 8 times
  4. Right jab, left jab, right hook, left hook, right uppercut, left uppercut –Repeat 8 times
  5. Repeat 1-4 twice more

Cool Down/Stretch

  • Shake your arms and legs out for a minute or two
  • Lace your fingers together in front of you, turn hands out so palms are facing away from you, and push your arms out as far as you can. You will feel this stretch in your back, shoulders, and arms.
  • Lace your fingers together behind you, turn hands down so palms are facing the floor, and push your arms down as far as you can. You should feel this stretch in your chest and arms.
  • Keeping your legs and back straight, bend at the waist and touch your toes. You will feel this stretch in your hamstrings, and perhaps all the way down the back of your legs.
  • Balancing on your left leg, bend your right leg at the knee but keep your knees lined up with one another, then grab your right foot behind you and pull slightly. You will feel this stretch in your right quadricep. Hold for several seconds and then switch legs.

11 thoughts on “Martial Arts Inspired Workout You Can Do At Home”

  1. This is a great workout! I love workouts that serve multiple purposes. Get some of that aggression out, change up your routine, and have some fun! Thanks for the post!

  2. Secret Ninjas 🙂 I love that … I never tried that but, I am willing to try out anything new. Right now, I am curious about belly dancing weee 😉

  3. this seems like a good workout routine to try. in addition to cardio workout, this might be effective to lose weight and tone muscles.

  4. I am not into exercise at all–never have been! But this does seem like a great way to get some of those aggressive thoughts out of you without hurting someone in the process!

  5. Thanks for the workout, sounds great, its so much easier to do these things at home once you actually get off the chair and motivate yourself.


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