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Last-Minute Gifts That Will Last A Lifetime

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While some people knock out all of their shopping before December has even begun, the packed mall parking lots indicate that many others are still looking for the perfect gift as late as Christmas Eve.

If you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping but want to give something more meaningful than a box of chocolates, consider these options that will not only be loved, but also long remembered for being so personal and unique. The best part about these gift ideas, is that you don’t even have to fight the crowds at the mall to get them.

So skip the mall, and instead give one of these last-minute gifts that will last a lifetime.

Last Minute Gifts


Have you heard of IfOnly? If not, pretty soon you’ll be saying “If only I’d known about it sooner, I could be winning a prize right now for being the world’s best gift giver.” That’s because IfOnly allows you to give one-of-a-kind experiences and in doing so, you also happen to benefit charity. IfOnly partners with celebrities, athletes, professional chefs, and musicians to provide individuals with unique experiences like cooking lessons, backstage passes, or pro golf lessons. And whenever you purchase one of these experiences, a portion is donated to charity.

You can also purchase items like hand signed guitar picks, gowns worn by a celebrity, or shoes worn by a pro athlete. Can’t find anything you like? Pitch your own idea to the celebrity and make an offer! Give an experience this holiday Season. Shop with IfOnly.


Fiverr is an amazing site that connects you with a vast array of individuals with varied talents who are willing to do things for $5. Have a song written (and performed) about something or someone specific, a cartoon character created based on a photograph, a piece of art made that reflects someone’s personality. The list of things people are willing to do for just $5 will astound you. Get a variety of products and services for only $5 at Fiverr! Click Here


Do you have a friend who is always saying she wishes she had learned to knit? Or that she’d love to take a cooking class but just doesn’t have the time? Craftsy offers online classes in everything from painting to cake decorating. So, you can give your friend a gift they will remember for years to come, every time she uses the skills she learned in the classes you purchased for her. For the next few days, you can save up to 50% on Craftsy Classes (12/21-12/24) so it’s a great time to give this experience as a gift!

Bad Day Basket

I posted recently about a bad day basket that I put together as a teacher’s gift. You can read the post here. The idea was inspired by a Bad Day Box project I found on Pinterest. The concept is simple: Put a bunch of items in a box or basket that will cheer someone up when they’re having a bad day.

For a loved one, this might include photographs, hand-written notes of encouragement, printed jokes or inspirational quotes, coupons for favors or rewards, or silly hand-drawn pictures. Within minutes, you can put together a gift that is highly personalized for the recipient without ever leaving the house and it’s something that will bring him or her joy for months to come.

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  1. These are some really wonderful sites. I believe that an experience is the best gift or something personalized. I will be checking these sites out for sure. I would love to get a cartoon of my family.

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