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DIY Burlap Projects For Your Home

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A friend of mine was looking for burlap drapes recently and in the process of helping her, I came across some really cute crafts using burlap. I love the simple charm of burlap. And since it is such a neutral color and a sturdy fabric, it lends itself to a variety of uses beyond rustic, country décor. Here are some of my favorite DIY burlap projects from Pinterest.

a graphic of burlap with title text overlay reading DIY Burlap Projects

DIY Framed Burlap Monogram

Thanks to One Frugal Chick for sharing the instructions to make your own framed burlap monogram. This is a simple decoration you can make for your own home or a great gift for a couple for their wedding or anniversary.

framed burlap monogram

DIY Monogrammed Burlap Pillows

And how about some monogrammed burlap pillows to round out the look? The sisters from Two It Yourself show you how.

monogrammed Burlap Pillows as a diy burlap project to do

DIY Burlap Bucket Bag

Don’t put the sewing machine away yet! You’ll need it to create this adorable and functional bucket bag, directions courtesy of A Beach Cottage.

Burlap Bucket Bag

DIY Woven Burlap Table Runner

I love this woven burlap table runner from Fab You Bliss for a casual, every day table setting.


DIY Burlap Wine Bags

And what better way to wrap the bottle of wine you’re bringing as a hostess gift than these adorable burlap wine bags? Sophisticated Yellow gives you detailed instructions to easily make them yourself.

burlap wine bags as a diy burlap project you can make

DIY Burlap Door Hangings

I found dozens of pictures for burlap door hangings, but these instructions from Miss Kopy Kat were the most detailed and I enjoy her writing (she’s funny!). She made a cross and also a shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day, but since she shows you how to make your own pattern you can make whatever you want (one for each holiday if you desire) following her directions.

Burlap Door Cross

DIY Burlap Bulletin Board

For your work station, a burlap bulletin board is a natural backdrop. If you have a large or custom sized space where you’d like to place it, these step-by-step directions from Crafty Sisters will walk you through the process.

Custom Burlap Bulletin Board

If you don’t need a custom shape and size, you might be happier with this easier version using a framed cork board as the base from Sohl Design.

Burlap Bulletin Board

11 thoughts on “DIY Burlap Projects For Your Home”

    • Depends on your preference. I personally prefer a thicker burlap for projects like the basket and the bulletin board, but thinner burlap for the wine bags and pillows.

  1. I had seen burlap used in another project. I had no idea that it could be used to create so many things. There are so many beautiful creations pictured here!

  2. I am in love with the burlap wine bags!! So cute!! I come from a big group of wine drinking ladies, so this would be perfect for our next gift giving sessions!

  3. I think all of those projects are wonderful. I am so NOT crafty, but would love to try one of these things one day.

  4. Around Halloween I was looking for Burlap material but didn’t know where to find it because I wanted to make a scare crow costume. These are some great ideas. I just need to find out where to find the material. I love the bucket bag too!

    • Chavonne, if you click the link “looking for burlap drapes” it will take you to a store that sells burlap by the yard, at pretty reasonable prices too. Hobby Lobby also usually carries it if you have one near you.

  5. Those are some great ideas for burlap. And I think we actually have some burlap sacks lying around that I could use to make some of these.


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